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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Animal Activists Rescue A Pug From A Beggar In Pune

Pug rescue

Recently, animal activists rescued a malnourished Pug from a homeless woman who claimed that she purchased the dog for Rs. 7,000 in Pune. However, the beggar changed her statements upon further investigation. Now, the pug is in custody of animal lovers. The incident came to light last week when an ...

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Chandigarh’s First Dog Friendly Restaurant

pet friendly restaurants

The city is now warming up to allowing your pets share your company at restaurants. This is heartening news for Chandigarh people, a city known for high on pet ownership. Chandigarh’s dog friendly restaurant, Lumos Coco opened in Godrej Eternia, Industrial Area, Phase 1. Angad Singh organized the launch along ...

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Stray Dog Adoption: Antidote To Dog Bite

Adopt Stray Dogs

As fear spreads because of so many dog-bite cases being reported from all across Tricity area, animal lovers have a solution i.e., adoption of stray dogs. According to dog lovers, dogs bite only when they are scared, hurt, harassed or beaten by someone. Adopt stray dogs “If people adopt the ...

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Reflective Collars Helping Stray Dogs In Bengaluru

Reflection collars

Stray dog population is increasing day by day along with stray dog accidents. These accidents especially happen in night due to high traffic in Bengaluru. To reduce such type of incidents, the Sarvodaya Animal Birth Control Centre started an initiative to put reflective collars on around 8400 stray dogs in ...

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Adoption Drive For Stray Dogs Held In Kochi

Adoption drive for stray dogs

Recently, animal rights activists organized stray dogs adoption and vaccination drive at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium at Kaloor in Kochi. The main aim of the event was to promote domestication of Indian breed dogs. Adoption drive for stray dogs The event was organized by the Muvattupuzha-based Daya and the ...

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