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Wednesday , May 22 2024
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10 Amazing Facts about Dogs

10 Amazing Facts about Dogs

From humans to animals, every creature on Mother Earth has its uniqueness. Looking at your dog, you shouldn’t misappropriate them to be cute or couch sleepers or your garden hole digger (It’s funny to watch, though).

Dogs possess a smarter aptitude, and here in this article, we will discuss some facts surrounding dogs that you will be surprised to know.

Could you read the following amazing facts about your four-legged furball watching you smile while reading?

1. Dogs’ Smartness Is Proportional to A 2-Year-Old Child.

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They might look stupid whenever you see chewed-up flip-flops or look at them chasing their own tails. But they aren’t. A recent study shows that dogs have mental stability like a two-year human child.

They can perform easy calculations, count up to five, understand 250 words and gestures, and trick humans and fellow dogs. So, you better watch out!

2. Dogs Are Emotional Readers.

How To Read Dog Body Language

When dogs are looking at your face, it doesn’t mean they need love or attention. Though most of the time, they need your attention. Dogs can distinguish between various emotions like happy, sad, or angry.

Dogs are left-gaze biased when looking at humans. This indicates that dogs look at the right side of emotions more accurately than the left.

3. Sorry, but they don’t feel guilty.


When you catch your dog, something unexpected happens, making you upset or sad. Looking at the cheerless eyes, back ears, and head lowered—You might be tricked that the dog wants forgiveness, but the fact is that they cannot feel guilty.

The sudden behavior change that tricks us humans, into giving them forgiveness is a reaction to upsetting or angering their owner. I already warned you all; they don’t feel guilty.

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4. A dog’s smell is 10000 to 100000 times higher than ours.

Most Surprising Facts Related To Sense Of Smell In Dogs You Didn’t Know About

Humans have 6 million olfactory senses, while the dog has around 300 million olfactory senses. Their brains are optimized to perceive these smells faster than humans can.

An experiment was conducted by placing a rotten apple in 200 barrels, and the dog found it in minutes. Isn’t it scary that they might smell us in washrooms? Yet, an interesting fact.

5. Dogs are Diverse!

7.Dogs’ sense of smell is 1000 times better than humans

The dogs in their breeds are different from each other. The animal skull is different from one another. A Golden Retriever’s head is different from a German Shepherd’s. The variety is different like the skull of a cat is different from a bear.

6. The Tail Game!

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Everything You Need to Know

It’s a common misconception that whenever the dog is wagging its tail, it means it is happy. Surprise! The fact is not over. A study says that the bottom is complex. The tail wagging is a measure of the tail as an emotional parameter. The higher the seat, the higher the emotion. The specific angle is essential.

7. Dogs can see more colors than they know!

Dogs are perceived to see the world in blues, yellows, and greys. The truth is there are a few more colors though not vivid; yes, they exist!

You might have noticed how the red ball loses track of your pet while playing in the grass.

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8. Dogs are dreamers like humans!

Are Shetland Sheepdogs friendly and adaptable?

You might see your dog growling, twitching, or running while they are sleeping on the couch. The truth is they do dream like humans. Just imagine the dog forever imagining for you and them in the grass playing and chasing bunnies. Isn’t it funny and hopelessly lovely to imagine scenarios? Aha! It is.

Certain studies have shown that dogs can merely dream of dog activities too.

9. Dogs find and help people with health problems.

It is seen that dogs can be more caring than humans. They can detect a person with a disability. They know who is blind, deaf, or has other physical ailments. They assist people who are autistic and have mental disorders like PTSD and anxiety. They can also remind people who have to take their medications. Indeed a nurse? Right.

They can know and detect heart problems and learn about low sugar levels.

10. Dog’s Paw Sweat!


Unlike humans, a dog’s sweat glands are located in its paws. They tend to sweat through their paws. If you see your dog leaving wet marks on the floor or the pavement, you need them to cool down.

Though dogs usually pant. Panting helps the water to evaporate through their mouth and helps them cool down. This principle cooling method allows moisture to evaporate from their lung surface. It’s a faster process, and they can quickly cool down.

We hope you liked it and were thrilled to know your dog better. Remember to say hi from our side. The mere facts might be interesting but will help you understand better. And you can be their buddy too.


Dogs are amazing creatures, captivating us with loyalty, intelligence, and unique qualities. From their exceptional sense of smell to their ability to form deep emotional bonds, they bring joy and wonder to our lives. Embrace the beauty of dogs and cherish the special connection we share with them.

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