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Saturday , October 1 2022
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How to Tell If Your Dog is in Pain?

How to Tell If Your Dog is in Pain

Our dogs, like us, are capable of experiencing pain. While most pet owners feel they would be able to tell if their pet was in pain, the fact is that it can be challenging to detect. Do you know what to look for in terms of warning signs? Because our ...

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How To Treat Seizures In Dogs Holistically?

How To Treat Seizures In Dogs Holistically

Epilepsy and seizure disorders are common ailments from which our canine babies tend to suffer. You would see these conditions in at least 1 out of 100 dogs. However, knowing this is a common condition does not make it any easier for you and your baby. As a pet parent, ...

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Allergy Symptoms in Dogs and How to Treat Them

How Can I Treat My Dog's Skin Allergies

You think that when a dog scratches itself repeatedly, it may be due to parasites. However, other causes of Itching in dogs, such as allergies. Also, dogs are susceptible to hypersensitivity reactions, and allergic disorders are rising. Allergy Symptoms in Dogs Constant Licking of Paws and other body parts Itching ...

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What Is Parvovirus? Is It Dangerous For Your Dog?

What Is Parvovirus Is It Dangerous For Your Dog

Parvovirus is quite possibly the most well-known and conceivably lethal dog disease. It tends to be carried on your dog’s hair and feet or your shoes and dress. While bleach can kill the virus, sterile surfaces can rapidly be reinfected. Parvovirus can be prevented; however, it kills 4 out of ...

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Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes

Potato is a common vegetable consumed by humans and their pets. You and your pet can choose to eat potatoes in any form. Be it baked, roasted, or fried. Many experienced veterinarians state that potatoes are safe and can be a part of a healthy diet. It contains numerous essentials ...

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How to Deal with Diarrhea in Dogs?

How to Deal with Diarrhea in Dogs

If your dog has a stomach upset, it is unsuitable for them and you. In such cases, they will be busy heading to their toilet spot, and if they cannot make it in time, there is the chance that they might poop at home. All you want in such cases ...

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Is Bread Good for Dogs?

Is Bread Good for Dogs

Yes, dogs can eat bread in low quantities as an occasional treat, barring any ingredient allergies. However, the bread is usually considered safe for dogs to eat. But it becomes dangerous when seasoned with onions, garlic, and other ingredients that are harmful to dogs. You should always consult your vet ...

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How To Take Care Of Your Pet During The Senior Years

Guide On Taking Of Your Pet During The Senior Years

Your 11 years Labrador has suddenly become grumpy and sleeps longer – you did not find any difference in his weight or notice any injuries. Your dog is categorically a senior pet now. Hence, it requires the same amount of attention and care; you would render to any house senior ...

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