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Thursday , May 19 2022
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Dog Allergies: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dog Allergies Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Are you worried about allergic reactions in your dog? Are you wondering how to heal your dog from allergens? In that case, you must always start the process of treatment with antihistamines. It is the most basic way in which they can get relief from such a problem. If your ...

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Do Dogs Suffer From Depression And Anxiety As Humans?

Petsfolio Cover images New DOG DOG SUFFER

Dogs are high on emotions, and like humans, they experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Even the most lively puppies can become inactive or low while experiencing depression. You need to recognize the symptoms of pet sadness and help your four-legged buddy go back to their former self. ...

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How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil?

How to give your Dog CBD Oil?

It’s no secret that CBD oil offers a wide range of health benefits that are great for pets. Are you considering adding CBD oil to your dog’s health care regimen, but you don’t know how to administer it to your canine? Since it’s not in a tablet or chewable it’s ...

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3 Signs Your Dog Needs Probiotics

3 Signs Your Dog Needs Probiotics

There are plenty of products for people that provide probiotic benefits, which basically means that they boost the good bacteria in our guts and help with our digestion. What you might not realize is that dogs can also take advantage of probiotics, and in some cases, this will significantly improve ...

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When should you start giving your dog a joint supplement?

When should you start giving your dog a joint supplement

If you want to provide your dog with an effective joint supplement, you should choose one with active ingredients. When most people think of joint supplements, the first name that comes to mind is glucosamine. Now glucosamine is indeed the most popular active ingredient that prove beneficial in relieving the ...

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6 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection

6 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

If you are a pet parent, the issues of their ear infections must have bothered you a lot! Ear infections can be painful. When moisture and debris get clogged, especially in floppy ears of dogs like Doberman, Basset Hound, Beagle, etc., it can cause infections. Even dogs with hairy inner ...

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First Aid Tips for Dog Owners

If you are a pet owner, you need to ensure that you are always ready to provide first aid in case of an emergency to your pet. You should have your vet’s number on speed dial. If you are not able to provide first-aid, rush to the closest emergency animal ...

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5 Warning Symptoms Of Dementia In Dogs

Canine Dementia is increasingly becoming a regular case being reported among senior dogs. Many dog owners fail to understand that similar to humans, dogs can also suffer from mental diseases such as dementia. Here are 5 warning symptoms of dementia that you should take notice of if you have a ...

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