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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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7 Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

Health Benefits of Having A Dog

People get dogs with a desire of having a companion to spend quality time with. Most dog owners believe that their beloved furry friend makes their lives better. Most of them are pretty unaware of the mental and physical benefits a dog offers to humans. 1. Increase in daily exercise ...

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India’s First Chef Dog – Ishmeet Singh Chandiok

First dog Chef

Chef Ishmeet Singh Chandiok is familiar to diners in the country from his stints at Hyatt and JW Marriott. But when he started cooking for his dog Harley, he thought of venturing into the dog food business. This led to Harley’s Corner which is India’s first ready-to-eat wet dog food brand. The chef, who ...

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Noida To Soon Get Dog Feeding Points In Residential Areas

NOIDA: To reduce conflicts and arguments between dog lovers and residents’ groups, the Noida government will earmark feeding points in various sectors across the city. The authority will also setup proper shelter homes for stray dogs later. The Noida authority, at present, relies upon the expertise of two veterinary doctors ...

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1.13 Lakh Dog Bite Cases Reported In Punjab In 2018

In 2018, there were over one lakh people bitten by stray dogs in Punjab. Many people were mauled to death while the rest especially children were scarred for life. The three departments who are responsible for curbing the stray dog menace hasn’t been doing its duty and been passing the ...

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6 Best Ways To Improve Dog Milk Production

6 Best Ways To Improve Dog Milk Production

Guest post! When it comes to breastfeeding, not only do human moms worry about low milk supply, but lady canines also suffer from the same issues. As dog mommies may have more than 10 babies at a time, it is a top priority to have adequate milk for a whole ...

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