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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Can You Believe This Dog Earns Rs. 8.27 Crore Annually

Can You Believe This Dog Earns Rs. 8.27 Crore Annually?

In a truly remarkable occurrence, a dog has assumed the role of a social media influencer, earning an astounding annual income of up to USD 1 million (around Rs 8.27 crore).

The sheer incredibility of this fact is undeniable. The dog’s name is Tucker Budzyn, a five-year-old golden retriever. Tucker Budzyn has established its name as a social media influencer.

To ensure Tucker’s optimal growth and well-being, his owner, Courtney Budzyn, alongside her civil servant husband, made the life-altering decision to resign from their respective occupations. Their sole focus was to provide full-time care and attention to Tucker and his puppy son Todd.

Back in 2018, Tucker’s journey began when Courtney adopted him at the tender age of eight weeks. What sets Tucker apart from the average canine is the staggering extent of his online following.

With a presence spanning multiple social media platforms, Tucker Budzyn has successfully cultivated a fan base of 25 million individuals. Its YouTube channel has around 5 million subscribers, 11 million on Tiktok, 4.43 million on Facebook, 3.4 million on Insta, and 62.5k followers on Twitter.

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