Your Complete Guide to Choosing a Bulldog
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Is a Bulldog Right for You A Comprehensive Guide

Considering a Bulldog? Your Complete Guide to Making the Right Choice

Sweet, friendly, calm, and even-tempered bulldogs are adored worldwide. French, American, and British are famous breeds of bulldogs. Each breed has its traits making them of the most popular dog breeds. Are you thinking of adopting a bulldog pup just for its utter cuteness? No doubt their iconic wrinkle, compact, and adorable build have stolen the hearts of millions of dog owners. If you have already decided to bring home a bulldog puppy, learn about its character traits.

There are many breeds of bulldogs out there. It requires research and time to determine the type of bulldog that will be best for your home. However, this article will not discuss a different breed of bulldogs. Instead, we will focus on the bulldogs’ history, behavior, training, health, and care.

Irrespective of the breed, bulldogs have a short, smooth coat and muscular build, and the nose is pushed inside. Though bulldogs share a lot of common attributes, all of them are different. First, you need to know that all bulldogs are bred dogs. So they need special care and attention. You must be aware of the history and characteristics of bulldogs to provide the best care to your pup.

How did the bulldog originate?

Many years ago, in England, bulldogs were bred for fighting bulls. That is the reason behind their name. The dogs bred for such purpose have the strength to draw bulls by the nose. They have huge heads, strong bodies, and sturdy jaws to kill.

However, in 1835, bull baiting was banned in England by passing a law, and it seemed that bulldog breeds also be extinct. But breeders with selective breeding procedures have transformed bulldogs into great household dogs.

After several experiments with different varieties, the newer breeds of bulldogs we know today formed. Usually, they are adorable, loyal, and kid-friendly.

How many types of bulldogs are there?

English Bulldog:

English Bulldog


Also known as the English Bulldog, this is the most common type. They are a medium-sized breed with a wrinkled, short-muzzled face and a wide head.

French Bulldog:

French Bulldog

French Bulldog, also called the Frenchie, is a smaller bulldog breed. They have bat-like ears, a short snout, and a muscular build.

American Bulldog:

American Bulldog

This is a larger breed of the bulldog that is known for its strength and athleticism. They have a short, smooth coat and blocky head.

Olde English Bulldogge:

Olde English Bulldogge

This is a newer bulldog breed developed to be healthier and more athletic than its English Bulldog ancestors. They have a muscular build and a short, smooth coat.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog:

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

This is a rare breed of bulldog that is known for its loyalty and protective nature. They have a muscular build and a short, smooth coat with a blue-grey color.

Victorian Bulldog:

Victorian Bulldog

This is a more recent breed of bulldog developed in the UK to resemble the bulldog of the 1800s. They have a shorter, wider head and a more athletic build than the English Bulldog.

What kind of temperament can you expect from a bulldog?

The temperament of bulldogs is very much similar to that of human beings. They always look for love and companionship. Because of this outgoing nature, bulldogs are a popular choice among pet parents.

They can bond with almost all people, young or old, and people cannot help but pet them because of their affectionate nature. Even if you have small children in the house, bulldogs are very friendly with them. Bulldogs are, in a true sense, social creatures.

How to train a bulldog puppy?

Training a bulldog can be a little difficult when it comes to dog training. These dogs are stubborn and will not learn tricks you want to teach them that easily. It is not that they cannot be trained at all. Try teaching simple tricks they can follow easily instead of focusing on fancy ones.

You need to start working on your bulldog from the day you bring it home to overcome its stubbornness. Always remember that if you are parenting a French bulldog while training, never use harsh words and scolding. Encourage them positively to train and grow better.

Tips on How to Train a Bulldog

If you are already a dog parent, you know what training techniques to employ in the formation years.

The same technique will work for them also. For those who are welcoming a puppy for the first time, here are a few points that can be helpful:

Start training from day one

You must start training your puppy from day one as your puppy takes time to pick the good habits. You have to be patient and teach the same technique repeatedly before they pick up the habit and learn what you want them to learn.

Always use positive reinforcement

No pets ever love to be treated harshly during the training process. Hitting a dog or scolding it too much while training can lead to aggressive behavior. You will then never be able to get the desired result that you are expecting from your pet.

Instead, praise them, play with them whenever possible, take them for walks, and offer them treats if they learn something new or can follow your commands.

Establish a routine for your puppy

As a pet owner, you must set a schedule for the puppy and try to stick to it from the beginning. There should be a proper meal time, a time for play, and a time when you and your pet will go for a walk. Establishing the rules early on will make your puppy learn first what you want from them.

Proper meal time

Your puppy should have a proper meal time. You should not leave the food on the floor and let the puppy decide when to eat. When you have the food, your puppy can have it with you. But stick to the pet foods suggested by your vet and never offer table scraps to your bulldog.

Are bulldogs face health problems often?

Many have a common concern about bulldogs- do they have more health problems? While English bulldogs are susceptible to health issues, some bulldogs can lead a long healthy life. English bulldogs often suffer from breathing problems and spine or skin issues. You must take good care if you plan to adopt an English Bulldog.

How to care for a bulldog?

Bulldogs are more prone to diseases because of their flat mouth structure. Clean the wrinkles on bulldogs’ faces every day. Remember that bulldogs are messy eaters.

So, after every meal, make sure the dog’s mouth is clean. Clean in between the folds when they come from outside. Dirt and grime can get caught in wrinkles on their face, which may lead to skin diseases.

Bulldogs cannot withstand warm weather. As their nostril openings are small, it becomes difficult for them to maintain the perfect body temperature.

Most of the time, it is overheated. So, they stay best in air conditioning. When it comes to choosing the most comfortable environment for bulldogs- it is the temperate climate where there is neither too hot nor too cold.

To avoid any health problems for your bulldog, you need to get it checked by the vet often. If health problems are detected early, most of them are treatable. What is significant about bulldog pups is that they need care and attention. They have to feed a proper diet and should be trained from a young age.


Bulldogs are distinct in their unique way. The American bulldogs are active and need a lot of mental stimulation and workouts. The English ones are the sweetest and need your attention to keep them happy. The French and English breeds make perfect apartment dogs and need some exercise.

However, there is more to what meets our eye. Their laid-back nature, chubby build, and wrinkled faces make them lovable. Last but not least, bulldogs tend to suffer from some health problems.

Hence, it is advisable to keep it in a cool place. Keep them away from hot and humid conditions as they tend to have breathing problems.

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