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Wednesday , July 6 2022
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15 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

15 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

With the right training, any dog can become a loyal and loving companion for a senior citizen. While some breeds may be better suited than others, it ultimately comes down to finding the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Here are 15 of the best dog breeds for seniors, ...

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Difference between French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

French Bulldog Vs. Boston Terrier

With animated personalities, lovable squished-up faces, and velvety radar ears, these dog breeds boast of their style in their individualistic way. The Boston terrier is the ‘American gentleman’, and the French bulldog is known as ‘Frenchie’. These dogs are popular, mascots, and favorites of celebrities. It becomes a challenge to ...

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Street Dog Adoption Camp Organized By Kozhikode Corporation

Golden Retriever vs. Labrador Retriever

The Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever are similar dogs. However, they are different in many aspects. They have been the first choice as a family dogs for their sweet nature and caring behavior. Differences start showing in their energy levels. A golden retriever tends to be more relaxed than a ...

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Standart black poodle

10 Amazing Facts About Poodles

There’s more to Poodles than meets the eye. These curly-haired canine companions are one of the world’s best-known dogs and a great addition to any family. But how well do we really know them? The rest of this article lists the 10 most amazing facts about Poodles so you can ...

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Dog Breeds Banned Around The World

The first name that comes to mind is that of the American Akita. It does not gel well with others. It is especially true for other dogs. They are not hospitable to them – even more so when they are of the same gender. They also regard the smaller pets ...

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