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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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9 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs for Kids

It is a common myth that a well-groomed dog would not cause any allergies. Scientifically speaking, certain dog breeds have more chances of causing allergies, even when they are well-groomed and well-maintained. For families who have children with dog allergies, the choice of getting a pup or not, and then ...

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Akita Inu

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India

When you are looking for a loving and devoted member of your family, the price is the second option that comes to mind. There are many dog breeds available in India that can cost lakhs of rupees. People buy dog breeds based on their requirements and how much they can ...

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Labrador puppy

How Much A Labrador Puppy Costs In India?

Labrador dogs are a great choice if you like playful, energetic, and intelligent animals. Labrador Retriever dog is one of the top dog breeds in India as well as across the world. They are quite widely available and are most often chosen by first-time pet owners. If you’re are looking ...

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4 Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Dogs are considered the best pets to adopt and are regarded as the most loyal and intelligent animals as personal companions. They unconditionally love their owners and are man’s best friends. Most popular dog breeds in India are imported. Here is the list of some significant dog breeds. Beagles    ...

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List of Indian Dog Breeds with Pictures

Top 5 Indian Dog Breeds 

Indian dog breeds are the most adaptive and resilient dog breeds in the world. They can withstand harsh climatic conditions and survive under almost the toughest conditions imaginable. However, very few people actually know about these Indian dog breeds and seldom have them as their pets. It’s time that we ...

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Interesting Fact about Shih Tzu Dogs

Interesting Fact about Shih Tzu Dogs

If you’re a fan of small dogs, you are probably familiar with the Shih Tzu breed of dog that originates from China. The breed is well known for its winning traits, such as being friendly, lively, loyal, and active. In addition, the breed that originated from China is now prized ...

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Why You Should Love Doodle Dogs

Why You Should Love Doodle Dogs?

High-spirited and full of energy, Goofy and naughty! A Doodle is full of features that’ll leave you swooning over them. Bred with the poodles, Doodles are loved by people irrespective of age and gender. Over the years, doodles are bred to be family pets, and we favor this new trend. ...

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Ten Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Ten Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Do you wish to be a dog parent? Have you been looking for a dog breed that is satisfied by little love, care, and attention? Dogs that do not need a lot of grooming sessions and quickly adapt to the changing environment? Well, you are on the right article. The ...

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