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Thursday , June 13 2024
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14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a dog owner! Dogs are wonderful animals, but their liveliness does affect their lifestyle. If you want a more relaxed kind of pet, then you can go for low-activity dogs. These pups are very easygoing and are thought to keep a quiet home with fewer walks, barking, and grooming. Imagine spending evenings with your laid-back dog in front of the fireplace or pleasant walks in the morning. This makes low-energy dog breeds suitable for owners who do not spend much time at home or the owner is frail. Those will introduce peace and love into your home. If this describes your perfect world, why not consider getting a low-energy breed of dog?

Top low-energy dog breeds

Small and companion-sized low-energy dog breeds 

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (gentle, affectionate, adaptable)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a friendly, obedient, and adaptable small dog that will make a great companion and friend. They are very sociable, like kids and other animals, and are very friendly. Because they’re so easy-going, they will feel right at home whether you reside in a small apartment or a spacious house.

They do not require much physical exercise, just some short walks, and they adore cuddling. If you are looking for a pet that is obedient, loyal, affectionate, and loves nothing more than making you happy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is just for you and your quiet home.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Shih Tzu (loyal, playful, low grooming needs)

It is a small breed, conforming to be loyal, playful, and excellent for a home without a stir. They are friendly and share good relationships with everyone, including families and individuals.

Because Shih Tzus are rather passive and not very active, they adapt well to an apartment lifestyle. Their coat appears very luxurious, but it might just require a simple brushing once in a while.

Friendly with other animals and are fitting for petting. Because of this, they are among the best low-energy dog breeds for a home that wants to maintain a serene environment.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Pug (wrinkly charmers, playful but calm indoors)

Pugs are pets of comfortable appearance and character due to the pug’s wrinkly snout and cheerful disposition. This breed enjoys doing so, but they can also be very lazy and stay lazing around at home, making them excellent for an apartment lifestyle.

Pugs like to take short walks, and they also like to be cuddled with, like most dogs. They require minimal exercise to be able to thrive; hence, they make a good choice for those with busy schedules or those who have a more relaxed lifestyle. Being friendly and playful, they get along well with children and other animals. 

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Bichon Frise (cheerful, hypoallergenic, enjoys cuddling)

Are you in the market for a small, frail, furry creature to cuddle with? Meet the Bichon Frise! These cute dogs are wonderful if you desire a non-athletic, apricot-free companion.

They like to cuddle with their masters; therefore, they are well suited for comfortable homes or flats. They also have dense, soft fur that does not shed a lot, meaning individuals with a pet-related allergy will not have to worry.

Sweet-tempered and always happy, Bichon Frises simply brightens up the lives of everyone in the house. For those who don’t have a lot of time or willingness to exercise your dog, the Bichon Frise might be perfect for you.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Maltese (elegant lap dogs, good for small apartments)

Searching for a good, friendly buddy? Meet the Maltese! These elegant lap dogs are ideal for small space dwellers, including apartments and small houses. They are thus more passive in their energy levels but enjoy some leisure time by your side to cuddle.

One of the most loved breeds of dogs is the Maltese puppies, which are known to be friendly and hence can fit in any household with children or adults. It’s usually small and easy to maintain; thus, it is ideal for people with limited space. If you prefer your furry friends to be rather calm and not too playful but sweet and friendly at the same time, Maltese is your thing.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

Medium-Sized Low-Energy Dog Breeds

  • French Bulldog (adaptable, playful, but low-maintenance)

Searching for a calm and friendly medium-sized pet with a fur coat? Meet the French Bulldog! These cute creatures are highly adaptable creatures, and the fact that they play a lot makes them appropriate pets for many families.

This breed is more recommended because, besides being playful, French Bulldogs do not require much grooming, which saves you time and effort. Unlike some breeds that may be hyperactive and destructive, they rarely cause trouble and have a serene disposition, making them ideal for families who desire pet companionship without the usual fuss. 

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Bulldog (laid-back, friendly, minimal exercise needs)

These dogs are suitable for those seeking a moderate-sized, inactive dog. They are relaxed and social and, therefore, ideal for a home that calls for minimal disturbances. Dogs, or bulldogs in particular, do not need very much exercise, but they need to be taken for a short walk and to play at least several times a day.

Due to their low activity level and gentle temper, the cats are perfect for apartment life or houses with restricted areas available for pets. Therefore, with such considerations, having Bulldogs as pets should be encouraged since they will bring a lot of joy into any home, provided the vet gives them the necessary attention.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Basset Hound (gentle, independent, known for their low energy)

The Basset Hound is a medium-boned breed of dog, which rightfully belongs to the pack of leisurely dogs that do not require much physical activity. These dogs are fairly affectionate and good-natured, requiring moderate exercise, mostly being a couch potato breed.

They are comfortable animals and, therefore, do not need excessive exercise; these make good pets for families and those who are in search of calm animals. Being able to be inactive at times does not mean that the animal is not friendly and they bond well with the owner. Basset Hounds are also known for their droopy face and long ears, which make them look adorable as they are one of the party-loving low energy dogs.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Beagle (friendly, curious, can be stubborn but relatively calm indoors)

Beagles are sociable and playful and are perfect family dogs. They are of moderate size and are generally described to be friendly. Although they are quite stubborn, Beagles are not very active indoors. They like to roam and bark but do not need a lot of running about.

Beagles are also easy to train with an emphasis on patience and consistency. It is child-friendly and friendly towards other animals, hence ideal for a home without or with other animals. Being friendly, easy to bond with, and requiring very little exercise, Beagles are perfect for anyone who wants a medium-sized, docile dog.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

  • Boston Terrier (affectionate, intelligent, enjoys short walks) 

The Boston Terrier is a small to medium size breed of dog that is not overly active. They are amicable and perhaps wise in some part, which means they are good to deal with most of the time.

Boston Terriers do not need a great deal of exercise, as they can become fatigued easily; it is relatively sufficient to take them on short walks or engage in short playing sessions, as most of them are rather lazy.

This is another breed that is well known for being friendly and very small in size to fit into an apartment or a small house. They hardly need a lot of concern in the aspect of grooming, and they are sociable dogs that will readily accept families that want to pet them.

14 Low-Energy Dog Breeds for a Peaceful Home

Large & Gentle Low-Energy Dog Breeds

  • Great Dane (affectionate giants, surprisingly low-energy indoors)

Are you considering getting a low-energy dog breed, and do you want one that is medium-sized? Meet the Great Dane! These massive cats are very docile animals in spite of being kept in homes.

They are generally friendly pets that like spending most of their time with their owners on the reclining furniture. It is also important to know that Great Danes do not require as much exercise as one would probably expect for such a large breed; thus, they are ideal.

If they won’t come with you on a lease but choose to live freely, they are very easygoing and love cuddles, so they will blend well with your family. If you’re looking for a low-activity, moderately-sized dog to bring into your household, it might be helpful to get a Great Dane.

  • Greyhounds (often called “couch potatoes” despite racing heritage)

Are you seeking a relaxed friend? Meet Greyhounds! Statuesque, with racing histories in their blood, they love nothing more than a good lie down. Picture this: a comfortable couch with a beautiful greyhound lying on the floor by your side.

They are sociable, require little attention, and do not have a propensity for vigorous activity. Greyhounds are like high school kids who are more fond of Netflix than marathons. Therefore, if you want to have quite a laid-back party that does not require much organization, then Greyhounds are your friends.

Isn’t it time to forget hyperactivity and embrace cuddles with these gentle, large beginners? Welcome to your new couch potato companion, a sign that you can now slow down a little!

  • Tibetan Mastiff (loyal guardians, calm and dignified)

If you are looking for a medium-sized, relaxed, and loyal companion, then there can be nothing better than these furry friends. Meet the Tibetan Mastiff! The male dogs are rather mild-tempered, and these giants have a noble and protective appearance as if they were guarding their family.

Due to their fluffy and robust constitution, they are best for curling up on any piece of furniture or for taking walks in the district. Tibetan Mastiffs are intelligent, loyal, and protective dogs hence suitable for quiet homes. If you are looking for a calm-spirited breed that will give love to your house, then the Tibetan Mastiff is perfect for you.

Tibetan Mastiff

  • Neapolitan Mastiff (gentle giants, require minimal exercise)

Chasing a cute partner who does not intend to tire you out? Meet the Neapolitan Mastiff! Unfortunately, they really are huge, friendly, slow-moving creatures, ideal for people who don’t want a hyperactive pet. Being ailitating type of cats, they do not require much exercise to keep them cheerful.

These dogs do not need regular and long walks as they can stay cooped up in the house most of the time. Also, as a result of their affectionate temper, they can become quite good snuggle partners. For those people who want to introduce an obedient and calm dog with a rather large body into the house, it is suitable to purchase a Neapolitan Mastiff. They will definitely brighten up your day and help you relax!

Choosing the Right Low-Energy Breed

When picking the perfect low-energy dog breed, it’s super important to think about your lifestyle and where you live. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Your Life Matters

To some extent, the breed of the dog should be in harmony with your daily life and the environment you live in. Why not get a low-energy dog if you are more of a sit-on-the-couch person?

  • Size it Up

It makes sense to think in terms of space available to install pellet stoves and heaters, thus the size of the area should be taken into consideration. Some breeds require more space as they grow and may require a house, while others may prefer small apartments that are compact in size.

  • Exercise Easy

Think also about how physically active your new pet will need to be on a daily basis. Well, low energy doesn’t mean no energy at all; therefore, they still may require getting them for a walk to the next block.

For more detailed information about these breeds, you can refer to sources such as kennel clubs or a breed association. They have everything from the personality profiles of various dogs to getting a rough idea about the grooming needs of various dogs. So, take some time and look for the best match for you and your quiet life!

Owing a low-energy dog: Expectations and tips 

If you’re thinking about getting a low-energy dog, here’s what you need to know:

  • Even Chill Dogs Need Activity

Oh, yes, even the laziest of them wants something to do now and then! Please ensure the following: play with them indoors, take them for short walks, and provide them with puzzles.

  • Training is Key

If your pet has a very peaceful and relaxed personality, it will not harm him/her to learn the proper etiquette. It is probably positively related to basic training since this lets them know what one expect to do and enhances the partnership.

  • Handling Barky Moments

Every dog is capable of barking, and other dog breeds, even the pomeranian breed that is considered not very noisy can bark at times. Discover how to reduce barking and other behaviors with positive methods, and do not be in a hurry.

Having low-energy dogs can be very fun, but the owners should ensure that they fulfill the needs of the dogs as well as direct their activity. Love and understanding needed and required here, and you and your mellow puppy can live a happy and quiet life!


Getting a low-energy dog breed might not be as tedious as getting a high-energy dog, but I can assure you it will add so much happiness to your home. Basset Hounds, Boston Terriers, Pugs – these breeds are good-natured and will appreciate being with you without needing a lot of walks. So, do not forget that the choice of the breed of a dog, followed by some individual characteristics that may suit your everyday life, is highly important for creating a calm and happy home with a dog. Large or small, whether you are dwelling in an apartment or a house, there’s a low-energy dog out there expecting to be your best friend. Be patient and do your homework well, starting to look for the lawyer that suits you and your family best. The following furry friends are ready to help make your house a home: Be an Angel Today and help one of our furry friends get the love they deserve in a forever home!

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