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Saturday , January 29 2022
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Lazy Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

Lazy Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

When it comes to finding a great companion, humans prefer dogs as their best friends and find a great company in them. We have heard a lot about how a dog becomes the first choice when we talk to have a pet. The loyalty of a dog is something that cannot be compared to any other pet animal.

You may have seen dogs get attached to their owners in a short period, guard, and protect their owner’s family. All these features make them the most popular pet in the world. Although people don’t need to prefer only dogs to keep them as pets, some even like to have cats or birds. Depending on various animal facts, people choose a suitable pet for them.

With many different dog breeds found throughout the world, it becomes challenging to choose who perfectly fits your life. Choosing the right kind of dog breed depends on various factors such as the size and build of the dog, their maintenance, and the purpose of having them. However, things become difficult for those working and who want to share their life with a dog.

We know dogs are social animals, and they love to spend their time with humans. However, it is impossible for any person to spend the entire day with their dog but can spend some quality time with them. Yet, we have come up with a few dog breeds that can be the perfect choice for working people and can be left alone during the day.

Usually, puppies crave attention and need more of your time and effort so that you can make them learn useful skills and social life. However, some dog breeds do not like to be left alone and need full attention.

And when they don’t get it, they will display destructive behavior such as chewing and scratching in the house. Not only this but it is also seen that some breeds, when left alone for a longer time, can suffer from separation anxiety.

But some dog breeds can be left alone for a few hours and will not exhibit any destructive behavior. These dog breeds are the perfect choice for those who go out for work and can leave their dog alone during the daytime. Below is the list of dog breeds considered lazy dog breeds: couch potatoes, aka lazy dog breeds that can be left alone when you are on your work.

List of Lazy Dog Breeds

Basset Hound

The Basset hound is an easy-going dog breed that even surprises its owner with its behavior. Although the species has given the reputation of hunting dogs, it can quickly turn into a couch potato if needed. Basset hound’s fantastic fact is that it is stable and is not prone to anxiety or aggressive behavior. Which means you can leave it for a few hours.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier is a perfect pet who comes in a small size. The breed is even-tempered, intelligent, and energetic, who will not find it hard to stay alone in the apartment when you are at work.


Dachshunds are intelligent and confident dogs that make a beautiful addition to the family. However, these dogs were being bred to dig and hunt on other animals, but they are good listeners. They can leave independently and will enjoy their alone time without crying or howling.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier is a short-legged dog breed is known to hunt badgers and foxes. That is why they are brave, intelligent, and can live independently.

The Scottish terrier is a beautiful companion to families, especially with kids. The breed is a naturally detached dog that can ignore you when it needs time and personal space.


When it comes to having a dog that can prove a perfect flatmate and can be left alone, a chow-chow is the best choice. The breed can live independently without displaying any unusual or aggressive behavior. The species is not much cuddly, nor does it show affection usually, but that doesn’t mean they are not affectionate or loving dogs.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a dog breed with a healthy built and intelligent breed who is willing to learn new things as long as it is one of his own. The dog is not a breed that can reach well to the training tactics but can live independently at home without trouble.


Otterhound is a dog breed developed in England, but today there are less than 1,000 left today. This rare dog breed has a sweet personality that does not require much attention. They are friendly with kids, but they can enjoy some alone time at home because of their independent behavior.


Dogs are known as men’s best friends and can be their best buddies. However, not all people love dogs and wanted to have them as pets to live with their families. When you live alone, you want someone to share your life with; in such a scenario, preferring a dog breed that can be left alone for daytime is the best option.

However, before getting out for work, you have to assure that your buddy gets all his daytime basic needs and requirements. The basic necessity is to provide your dog with his required quantity of food, now those who are having a pet for the first time may not exactly know what kind of food is right for dogs, or can dogs have lamb bones? Bones are safe for dogs, and they even love to play with them. However, you can only feed a dog with raw lamb bone. So, what are you waiting for? Find your buddy and live your life to the fullest.

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