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Saturday , January 29 2022
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9 Huge Dogs That You Won’t Believe Are Real

World's Huge Dogs Images

Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t believe your eyes on what you’re seeing? Well, be prepared to witness some jaw dropping dog breeds that grow HUGE… And when we say huge, we really mean it! 1. Like this Dog! 2. Is that a Lion?   3. She Likes ...

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Dog Grooming Guide 2022

We bring pets into our lives out of love. However, somewhere down the line, we forget that they too have needs, and being non-vocal, can’t express their feelings very well. It is our duty to care for them and to look after them. An average person gets approximately 4.82 haircuts ...

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Tips To Avoid A Dog Attack

It can be extremely scary when you’re being charged by a dog. Dogs usually strike people out for a walk or jog. So, how would you protect yourself from a dog charging you, chasing, and attacking you? It is important to have a plan in mind if you encounter such ...

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Natural Probiotics VS Probiotic Supplements For Dogs

happy dog

If there is one best friend your dog has after you, it is Probiotics. Probiotics undoubtedly play a major role in making your dog’s gut healthy. But when it comes to choosing between natural probiotics vs. supplements, we can find ourselves confused. So let’s understand the advantages of the two ...

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Guide On Grain-Free Diets For Your Dog

dog diet bulldog

Grain-free diets are everywhere in the pet food market! Both the big and small brands produce dog foods labeled “grain-free.” But what exactly are grain-free diets, and why are they so popular? Besides, are these diets safe for your dogs? Here, you’ll find a guide that helps you decide whether ...

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How Much A Dachshund Puppy Costs In India?

How Much A Dachshund Puppy Costs In India

If you don’t know it yet, yes, they are also known as the “HOTDOG” dogs. The Dachshund dog breed has always fascinated people since they were bred first in Germany as badger hunters. With time, they have become one of the friendliest and adorable dog breeds that have become quite ...

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