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Tuesday , January 26 2021
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10 Common Dog Grooming Tools You Should Own

Dogs can be messy. They can spend the entire day playing in the back yard, and then show up with dirt and mud all over their body.
But, it’s not possible to take your dog to a grooming station every time he gets dirty. As a dog owner, you should know the basics of dog grooming.

If you’re a beginner dog owner, grooming your dog might sound challenging and overwhelming. And it surely is, but you can take care of your dog’s grooming needs with ease if you have the right tools in the arsenal.

Here are ten dog grooming tools every dog owner should have.

1. Brush

One of the essential dog grooming tools to have is a brush. A good brush helps you with brushing your dog’s hair and eliminating any tangles and matting. It also promotes hair growth and makes your dog’s hair look nice and groomed.

2. Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Using human shampoo on dogs is one of the blunders new dog owners make. A good dog shampoo cleans and moisturizes your dog’s coat, and makes it strong and shiny. But finding the right dog shampoo might be a hurdle.

Get in touch with your vet and buy the best dog grooming shampoo for your dog. The ideal shampoo is the one that is mild, non-toxic, and contains natural ingredients. If you opt for synthetic, chemical-based shampoo, it might irritate your dog’s skin.

Also, keep in mind your dog’s breed and specific needs. The shampoo that works for shorthair breeds like Pitbull and Doberman may not produce the best results for double-coat breeds like Golden Retriever and German Shepherd.

3. Nail Clippers

Cutting the nails is an essential part of dog grooming. It makes your dog look neater, and it also prevents safety issues. Long nails can hurt others and lead to infections. If they break, they can also land your pup in serious pain. Nail clippers allow you to trim your dog’s nails easily.

4. De-Shedding Tool

A de-shedding tool is one of the best dog grooming tools for dogs that shed. If your dog sheds, it might seem impossible to stay in control of the hair situation. A de-shedding tool helps you pull out loose fur that is close to falling and avoid your dog from shedding it all across your place. Of course, when you comb your dog, you’ll end up with a pile of fur. But it’s better to have it in one place than all over your house.

5. Dog Drying Towel

After a bath, your pooch might run around the house, shaking off the excess water everywhere. If you don’t pay attention, your pooch will turn your house into a sloppy disaster. Besides, the best dog website in India also suggests that prolonged wetness of the dog fur can cause infections.

A dog drying towel helps you overcome both these hurdles. As soon as you end up washing your dog, wrap a towel around him immediately, and dry him off. Opt for a nice, thick, and comfortable towel to make things easier for your dog.

6. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Oral hygiene for dogs is as important as it is for humans. Unfortunately, most dog owners neglect it, which could lead to severe health issues like periodontal disease.

Regular brushings are recommended to keep your dog’s oral health in check. You can get toothbrushes and toothpaste to take care of your dog’s dental hygiene. It’s ideal to brush your dog’s teeth at least once a weak.

Many types of dog toothpaste are flavored, so your dog will most likely enjoy its taste. Brushing your dog’s teeth might seem like a hurdle, especially if you’ve never done it before, but with time and patience, you can make it work.

7. Hair Clipper Set

Some dog breeds like Poodle and Maltese don’t shed. If your dog is one of them, a dog hair clipper set is one of the best dog grooming tools to have. Dogs that don’t shed need a regular haircut, and a dog clipper set helps you do it with ease. It comes with a cordless clipper with different blade sizes, along with a comb and scissors for trimming sensitive areas.

8. Ear Cleaner

Dogs have long year canals, about 5-10 cm in length. One of the best dog grooming tips to keep in mind is to clean your dog’s ears regularly. An ear cleaner solution helps you clean out wax, dirt, and debris from your dog’s ears.

To make it work, soak a cotton ball with the cleaner solution, then gently move it into the ear, and then move it around.

9. Grooming Wipes

Dogs can be messy. They’ll spend an hour in the back yard and show up with mud on their fur and face. And don’t forget that goop in the eyes and drool on their face. Bathing your dog every time he gets dirty can be a lot of work and effort. But you can’t leave the goop on their face.

Dog wipes allow you to keep your dog neat and clean without giving him a full-fledged bath. They’re gentle and effective, and they allow you to clean your dog instantly.

10. Treats

Lastly, one of the best dog grooming tools is treats. No dog appreciates being splashed, prodded, and poked. Treats, however, can go a long way in encouraging your dog to behave well and cooperate.

When your pooch lets you groom him like a good boy, he deserves some appreciation and reward. And what better way to reward him than giving him his favorite treats?


Dog grooming is an essential part of dog care, and every dog owner should do it on a regular basis. But trimming, clipping, and bathing your dog on a regular basis might sound too much, especially for new dog owners. But it all gets easy once you have the right tools. So, if you want to groom your dog yourself, be sure to have the above-listed items.

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