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Wednesday , December 6 2023
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Dog Nail Clippers vs. Grinder

Dog Nail Clippers vs. Dog Nail Grinder – Which one is best?

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Do you hear some clicking sound on your floor whenever your fur baby walks into your house? If so, then it’s time to trim your dog’s nails. If you want to trim your dog’s nails at home, you may find it a bit difficult.

This is because you will have to choose between a nail grinder and a nail clipper to trim your pooch’s nails. It’s very important that you keep your dog’s nails properly trimmed but what should you use?

If your dog has long nails, it will tip his foot back whenever he is walking. Sometimes the nails can overgrow to the point where they start to curve around and dig into the flesh.

However, grinding or clipping your dog’s nails is not always an easy job since dogs don’t like having their nails trimmed. You also need to be very careful and gentle since you can easily cut your dog’s flesh.

Here are some differences between nail clippers and nail grinders to help you decide what you need to choose for your dog.

Dog Nail Clippers

Dog nail clippers come in several varieties. They include guillotine nail clippers and scissor clippers. As for the guillotine-style nail clippers, you place your dog’s nails through a hole, and then you squeeze the handle. It has a single blade that will then slide down through the hole to slice and cut off the overgrown part of the nail.

The guillotine nail clipper is usually suitable for small nails. It is also not strong enough hence it cannot cut strong and thick nails.

You should, therefore, use it on your dog if it is a small dog breed to a medium-breed dog. The blades also get blunt easily hence you will need to replace them regularly if you want to keep them sharp.

Dog Scissor Clippers

They are also known as Miller’s Forge Clippers. They are similar to scissors, and that’s why they are called scissor clippers. They have blades that have small round indentations.

It is inside these indentations that you will position your pet’s nails. Scissor clippers are suitable for dogs with large thick nails. This is because they allow you to apply a large amount of force.

The Pros of Dog Nail Clippers

  • They are quick and quiet: You will be able to clip your dog’s nails in the blink of an eye.
  • They are cheap: It won’t cost you much to own a pair. However, choose wisely as some cheaper nail clippers might not work efficiently and may hurt your dog.
  • Requires no electricity: They are manual tools.

Cons of Dog Nail Clippers

  • Can Pinch Your Dog: They can easily pinch your dog’s skin and cause injuries.
  • You Can Easily Cut the Quick: You can easily cut into the Quick if you are not careful.
  • Nail Breakage: If you are using a blunt clipper, instead of cutting your dog’s nail, it will break it.

Dog Nail Grinders

Nail grinders are so popular among pet owners. This is due to their convenience and their ease of use. They have a small rotating section that grinds down a dog’s nail. They are powered by electricity, and they grind down a dog’s nail through friction.

Pros of Dog Nail Clippers

  • Dogs easily get along with them: Most dogs usually have clipper anxiety. If your dog does not like having his nails cut using clippers, you can use nail grinders.
  • Cut the Nails Smoothly: Grinders are so popular because they allow you to smooth your dog’s nails and round them. This is good especially if your dog is the type that likes to jump on you when you get back home from work. His nails won’t hurt your skin.
  • Suitable for Thick Nails: If you have a large dog whose nails are thick and strong then the nail grinder is the best dog grooming tool to go for.

Cons of Dog Nail Clippers

  • Makes Noise: If your dog is not fond of loud noises then the nail grinder can scare him. They make noise as they grind your dog’s nails.
  • Odor and Dust: The friction on your dog’s nails can sometimes produce a bad odor. The dust from grinding the nails can also make your house dirty. So, you should do the grinding outdoors.
  • You Can Hit the Quick: If you are not careful while grinding your dog’s nails, you can still hit the quick.

Between the Dog Nail Clipper and the Dog Nail Grinder, Which One is the Best?

When it comes to this debate, the choice of nail grooming tool that you should go for will be determined by your dog’s personality and what you find to be easy to work with.

If you fear that you can easily pinch your dog’s skin when you are using nail clippers then you should go for the nail grinder. But if your dog is skittish and does not like loud noises then should choose a dog nail clipper.

Although grinding presents you with fewer risks of quacking your dog’s nails, it takes practice to use a nail grinder properly. You can also use both if you want to get the best results. When it comes to my pick, I would recommend that you use both.

You can first trim your dog’s nails using a nail clipper before smoothening them using a nail grinder. So, go for one that works for you. Having both tools is the best choice!

Author bio

I’m Joy Henderson from MyPupMyHero. I love my dogs so much, and that is why I have decided to share my experience and knowledge about dogs with people like you. Please feel free to share your story with me, you’re welcome!

You can let us know about what nail grooming tool you like. Do you prefer nail clippers or nail grinders? Why do you prefer one tool over the other? You are free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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