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Friday , April 16 2021
"20% of our website advertising earnings are donated to local NGOs for stray dogs and animal welfare."
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DogExpress is an all-inclusive information hub dedicated towards dogs. We are packed with information on everything associated to dogs. From dog breeds to dog lifestyle, news, inspiring pet stories and many more! We cover it all.

More About Us

Dog Express is a databank that has the collection of carefully curated content from all around the internet. We also write and share unique stories and articles directed towards betterment of dogs. It acts as your one-stop resource for all information related to dogs.

On a Mission

We’re also an organization aimed at bringing awareness for rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned dogs in India. We believe that every single step taken by people to help animals takes our cause of dog welfare one step closer to success.

Our goal is to offer all dog lovers, pet parents and soon-to-be pet owners’ ample information on how to take proper care of their dogs and bring awareness on the issues that are imperative for dog welfare. We want to make sure that prompt and hassle-free medical care is provided to all pets, thus making it easy for the pet owners to take care of their dogs.

Dexvolution is Coming…

Dog Express are gearing up to bring in a revolution in India where every dog will have a loving forever home. We encourage and promote all upcoming and small business owners who want to join us in our crusade to make this world a better place by taking necessary steps towards dog welfare.

For us, dogs are equal to human beings, so we like to connect with people who share the same values and understand the significance of dogs in our lives.

Love dogs because life is better with a dog by your side!

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