A Man from Thailand Shared Story of Mom Dog and Her Pups
Thursday , May 30 2024
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A Man from Thailand Shared the Inspiring Survival Story of Mom Dog and Her Pups
The images shows the dogs a few months ago and the pooches at present.(Twitter/@NiallHarbison)

A Man from Thailand Shared the Inspiring Survival Story of Mom Dog and Her Pups

Niall Harbison, a dog rescuer, shared a heartwarming story of a mother dog and her six puppies who were surviving against all odds. This inspiring story has gone viral on Twitter and touched the audience’s emotions.

Harbison, who often shares about his dog-saving missions, took his Twitter handle to recount how a stray dog mother brought her pups to him for help. He has also updated the audience on the well-being of the dogs.

Niall Harbison shared the heart-touching story of Beyoncé, the dogs’ mother, her six puppies, and a group of 12 dogs. Many members from the audience questioned Harbison; the dogs seemed in good health. So are they really street dogs? Harbison elucidated their suspicion and recalled when he first time found these pups last July. He shared that the dogs’ mother had obscured them in the jungle for around three months before asking for help.

All dogs were in an unpleasant condition. They were skinny, infested with ticks, and starving. Harbison had also published videos of Beyoncé and her puppies along with his Tweets. He also shared how Beyoncé saved her puppies for three months in severe circumstances.

Further, he posted about canines friends and how amazingly they are now. This tweet was shared on April 5; this post has 477 retweets, 8000+ likes, and 7.8 lakh views on the video.

Many users responded to this post. One Twitter user posted, “Beyoncé is such an amazing mom.” Another said, “Beyonce (fab names, BTW) obviously realized you would be her guardian angel. What a fantastic mum she is, and what a fantastic guardian angel you are too, Niall,” and the third one posted,” Hopefully, they will look after each other and live a free life.”

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