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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Laws for Pet Owners Living In Apartments

Latest Modified on: June 9th, 2021

The Animal Welfare Board of India has passed by-laws on keeping pet dogs in apartments. If you are living in a society apartment, you should be aware of these laws and make sure no one harasses you for keeping a pet in your apartment. We have summarized some Bylaws and Rules in our own words for your easy understanding.

Rules & By-Laws for pet owners living in society apartments:

  • Any civic body (Resident Welfare Association – RWA) does not have the right to ban residents from keeping pets in their apartments, not even by getting a majority vote in the society with the help of other tenants or residents.
  • Any discrimination over size or type of pet breed is not allowed in a housing society.
  • No ban can be imposed on pet owners due to their dog’s barking habits.
  • No ban can be imposed on keeping pets in apartments, even after amendment of society bye-laws and regulations.
  • If a pet owner abide by the municipal laws regarding pets then no society civic body has the right to ban the pets or their owners from the society.

Use of Lift by Pets:

  • Pets cannot be disallowed to use lifts.
  • No ban or special charges can be imposed on pet owners for using lifts with their pets.

Use of Park by Pets:

  • Banning pets from parks is a short-sighted perspective and can result in canine’s aggressive behavior.
  • A dedicated time can be appointed for taking pets to parks and should be informed to RWA.

Use of Leashes and/or Muzzles:

  • Pet owners should keep their pets on leash while in public parks and common areas in the society.
  • If an owner is not able to control the action of their pet and it causes trouble to others in the society then RWA can fine them.

Defecation by Pets in Community Premises:

  • There is no central/state law that require pet owners to clean their pet excreta. However, RWA can request pet owners to clean up after their dogs for society’s cleanliness.
  • RWA cannot impose fines or special charges on pet owners in case they don’t clean up after their pets.
  • Pet owners are encouraged to train their pets to use a specified defecation area without causing trouble to other residents.


  • No RWA or any member in the society can intimidate or force a pet owner to give up or abandon their pet under any circumstances.

Things to remember for dog owners living in apartments:

  • Don’t let society children tease your pet. It might anger your pet and can cause them to react badly.
  • Make sure that your pet isn’t causing any annoyance in the society.
  • You should abide by the Municipal Sanitary Bye-Laws or Regulations.
  • Keep your dog on leash even while walking inside society premises.
  • Don’t forget to  go through the rules of residential complexes before renting or buying an apartment.
  • Train your dog properly.
  • Make sure that your pet doesn’t fight with other pets in the society.

You can check the full pet dog policy circular by AWBI here!

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