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Indian Celebrities and Their Pet Dogs

Dogs are one of the cutest and most lovable pets in the world. Human’s love for dogs started from a much earlier era. Dogs are considered to be the first domestic animal by humans.

Moreover, dogs play an essential role in our lives. In this busy and stressful life, human beings find joy and happiness through domesticating pet animals, especially dogs.

Domesticating dogs not only helps humans from strangers and thieves but also helps to develop happiness and lower daily work stress.

So cinema is considered one of the most creative jobs in this world. However, the people who work in making cinema are so sensitive and have a high chance of getting stressed out and down. So many celebrities are domesticating dogs as their pets to release stress and work pressure.

Here is a list of Indian celebrities who loves their pets

#1 Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Pet: Diana

Priyanka Chopra Jonas pet Diana

Priyanka Chopra Jonas loves her pets. Her first, a chihuahua named Diana, is quite a star and goes with her everywhere. She calls Diana her “fav co-worker” and even takes her on holiday.

She gave Nick Jonas a German Shepherd called Gino to add to their pet family, and they also adopted a Husky Australian Shepherd Mix called Panda. While sharing the picture online, she wrote: “Our new family portrait! Welcome to the family, Panda! We adopted this little rescue soon just a few weeks ago.

#2 Captain Cool – MS Dhoni

Pets: Sara, Zara, Zoya


India’s cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an ‘absolute pet-lover. So he adopted a rescued street puppy from the ‘Hope and Animal Trust’ in Ranchi, adding to his companion’s list: a German shepherd, Sara, a Labrador called Zara, and a Weimaraner named Zoya. After a long hectic day, he considers them a stress reliever and a relaxation outlet.

#3 Randeep Hooda

Pet: Candy

Randeep Hooda pet Candy

Randeep Hooda spent the early years of his life with his grandmother and always had a pet since childhood. “I have meaningful names for my horses, and I call them Ranji, Johnny Walker, Simply Supreme, Rommel, and Atillay… I can recognize them, and so can they,” he said while introducing five horses. Moreover, he has been a dog lover since childhood and now is very close to Candy: a female Pariah.

#4 Virat Kohli

Pets: Rico, Bruno

Virat Kohli pet

Virat Kohli, India Test captain, is known for his fearlessness and aggression on the field. But, off the field, he is a lovable and emotional person. His first pet was a white Pomeranian; after that, he had a golden Labrador Retriever named Rico. He always shares pictures with Bruno, a Beagle. He is a dog lover, without any doubt. Moreover, he has adopted 15 street puppies and is liable for their care. His first pet was a Pomeranian, and then he had Rico, a golden Labrador Retriever.

He had a Beagle named Bruno that escorted him to his workouts recently. Kohli’s Instagram account was often updated with photos of his hot goals. Unfortunately, after 11 years with Virat Kohli, his dearest buddy Bruno departed him last year.

#5 Manish Tiwari

Pet: Onyx

Manish Tiwari pet Onyx

Manish Tiwari, Senior Congress leader, has Tibetan spaniel Onyx as his family member. On a humorous note, he says, ”My wife got Onyx for my daughter almost five years ago, and the pet is now almost 40 in human years now — a more seasoned veteran than I!”

#6 Akshay Khanna and Twinkle

Pets: Cleo and Alex

Akshay Khanna and Twinkle Cleo

Encircled by the magic and madness of a German Shepherd and Beagle, power couple Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have two pets named Cleo and Alex. They even had another German Shepherd named Okie, but he died a while ago, leaving them in heartbreak. But we are sure Cleo and Alex are trying their best to fill that gap with happiness and love. Both are usually seen on Twinkle Khanna’s picture and video deliberately or sometimes by photobombing.

#7 Disha Patani

Pets: Bella, Jasmin, Goku and Keety

Disha Patani Dog

Disha Patani is a mom of four fur babies and owns two dogs, Bella and Goku, and two cats, Keety and Jasmin. Her celebrity pawstars also have an Instagram account with more than 21 thousand followers. Bella relishes being on the page as the favorite among all. Bella is a golden retriever, whereas Goku is a Doberman. They are cute, intelligent, and out the parts of Disha’s heart.

#8 Salman Khan


Salman Khan owned two French Mastiffs named Myjaan and Myson. He also has a Labrador Retriever called Mowgli, a Saint Bernard called Saint, a Napoleon Mastiff called My love, and another French Mastiff called Veer. After Myson and Myjaan passed away, Salman owned dogs named Mylove and Myjaan.

#9 Sachin Tendulkar

Pet: Spike

Sachin Tendulkar dog spike

The explanation for the dog’s welcome in Sachin’s house has gone viral on the Internet. That video explains that the little puppy is an orphan brought to his place by the caretaker’s children. He retained the pup and named it Spike to ensure it would have a ‘forever home.

#10 Varun Dhawan

Pet: Angel

Varun Dhawan Dog

Next, we have the cute baby pet of Varun Dhawan named Angel. She is Varun’s favorite and always gets attention from him. She is a bitch from the Beagle breed and enjoys the celeb attention from her stunning daddy “Varun.”

#11 Kriti Sanon

Pets: Disco and Phoebe

Kriti Sanon Dog

Kriti Sanon puts up paw-adorable videos and pictures of her dogs. She greeted a fluffy brown pet called Phoebe into her home this year. She wrote: “I think Phoebe thought I had gone crazy but still found me cute.” Kriti also has a dog called Disco, whom she wished with the words: “Happiest Birthday, my Disco Ball!! My munchkin, my fur-ball, my handsomest pawsomest baby! I love you as I woof you!”

#12 Shraddha Kapoor

Pet: Shyloh

Shraddha Kapoor Dogs

Shyloh loves his mum, Shradhha Kapoor. Shyloh celebrated his 10th birthday, and his birthday bash photos were on the Internet. Shyloh is Sharddha’s bundle of happiness, and she loves calling him ‘Chotu Maharaj’. He is a king without any doubt, as he rules the heart of cute Shraddha. Moreover, he enjoys his reign over Sharddha’s social media posts.

# 13 Anushka Sharma

Pet: Dude

Anushka Sharma Dogs

Anushka Sharma loves her Labrador called Dude. She and her husband, Virat Kohli, often spent quality time with him during quarantine. She shared photos of Dude lying on the floor as she did her morning oil pulling ritual and many others. He is adorable, and his heart-warming photos are evidence of the same. She often shares Dude’s videos and photos on her Instagram.

These were some Indian celebrity pets or paw-stars in the headlines like their star parents. And not just them; every animal is a celeb for their parents and rules their heart.

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