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Stray Dogs in India

No More Killing Of Stray Dogs

We are glad to inform all the dog lovers in India and across the world who stood against the culling of dogs in Kerala that the Supreme Court of India has ruled in favor of the stray dogs!

An interim order has been passed by the Supreme Court in the matters of stray dogs. This order is applicable to all States and Union Territories.

Supreme court order Supreme court order 2

Here are a few highlights from the order:

  • Central Law (read ABC rules 2001 and PCA Act 1960) will prevail over State Laws.
  • Rabid Dogs CANNOT be killed. They will be isolated and will die a natural death on their own as per provision of Notification 929
  • Even Euthanasia for “incurable ill and mortally wounded” dogs can ONLY be done and decision taken in consultation with an AWBI vet. No municipality can arbitrarily decide to euthanise a dog because it is sick or wounded.
  • There are no nuisance dogs, conditions “create” nuisance dogs. So there is going to be no separate ruling for “nuisance” dogs. ABC rules have to be followed.
  • States in Kerala, which are facing dog problems, are reached here because they have not implemented ABC and by misusing the existing laws and rules, and continue to further aggravate the problem.
  • No High Court will entertain any PIL in this matter henceforth. All such PILs with merit will be required to be filed in the Supreme Court only.
  • The plea to modify or create a new law for nuisance dogs to check dog-human conflict was turned down as the existing law is in the interest of both humans and the dogs.

Finally, some good news for our furry friends!

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