Loyal Dog's Year-Long Wait Outside Hospital for Owner
Thursday , July 18 2024
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Heartbreaking Viral Tale Loyal Dog's Year-Long Wait Outside Hospital for Deceased Owner

Heartbreaking Viral Tale: Loyal Dog’s Year-Long Wait Outside Hospital for Deceased Owner

Dogs’ love for their humans is boundless, and they eagerly await their return each day. In a heart-wrenching tale, a dog named Morgan waited for over a year outside a hospital for his owner, who had passed away.

Morgan’s owner was admitted to MCU Hospital last year due to a Covid infection, but sadly, he didn’t make it. Nevertheless, Morgan remained steadfast outside the hospital, waiting for his dearly departed owner, despite the hospital staff and the owner’s family’s attempts to bring him home.

Recently, the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), an animal welfare charity in the Philippines, stepped in to rescue Morgan from his vigil.

AKF posted on Facebook, “He was named MORGAN. Because he usually stays at the MORGUE area of MCU Hospital in Caloocan City. We rescued Morgan yesterday.” They also expressed gratitude to the hospital’s doctors, students, medical representatives, guards, and staff, who provided food for Morgan daily. They chose not to report him to animal control, knowing that capture might lead to euthanasia.

Morgan will now undergo a health checkup, rehabilitation, vaccinations, and neutering, after which he will be available for adoption. His touching story garnered attention on social media, with many people hoping that Morgan will soon find his forever home.

One user expressed, “I pray that Morgan will find his forever home. I know that your previous owner is now at peace, knowing that you will soon have a new, loving family. Kudos to all the people who helped Morgan. God bless your compassionate hearts.”

Another user wrote, “Morgan, you’re truly unique. I hope you find your forever home and family once again.”

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