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Saturday , April 13 2024
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cracked raw egg over dog food

7 Essential Benefits of Cracked Raw Egg over Dog Food

As the human parent of a fluffy four-legged fur baby, you always want the best for them no matter what, and that includes their nutrition. Nutrition is a significant part of the same and is a reason why dog parents are always looking for the best ways to provide nutrition to their little ones. One of the easiest ways to provide them with the necessary nutrition is to feed them a cracked raw egg over dog food – it gives them the extra nutrients such as vitamins and proteins they need. However, this does not mean that this act does not carry any risk with it.  

  1. Eggs are an exceptional source of protein

One egg has seven grams of protein. Thus, it is one of the densest foods as far as protein sources are concerned. They have a high biological value as well. This implies that the protein that you get in eggs can be absorbed easily by your dog’s body.

You do not get this in foods with low biological value. Dogs are omnivores and need a diet rich in protein. This nutrient provides your dog energy, helps build muscles and repair them, and strengthens their immune systems.

A cracked raw egg over dog food also helps with their growth, regeneration of skin cells, and hormone production – all these are important for your dog’s continued well-being.  

  1. Eggs have the necessary fatty acids 

By itself, your dog’s body can’t produce the fatty acids that it needs, and this is why, they must get them from what they eat. Dogs require both Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. However, most dog foods sold commercially only contain high levels of the former.

This is why, a lot of vets recommend feeding dogs Omega-3 supplements. When you add a cracked raw egg over dog food, you get an easy way to ensure that they consume balanced amounts of both fatty acids. You can always get supplements from stores, but they will contain fish oil, canola oil, corn oil, or flaxseed oil.

Free-range eggs have higher levels of Omega-3s since most farmers feed flaxseed to their hens. These essential fatty acids make it easier for your dog to combat infection and recover better from injuries. They also assist them in dealing with skin issues and make sure they have a healthy coat.  

  1. Eggs have the necessary amino acids 

cracked raw egg over dog food

Your dog needs to have sufficient protein in their food, but the amino acids that make up the protein in their food are even more important than that. There are 20 amino acids, but your dog’s body can produce only half of them. The other 10 are referred to as essential amino acids, and your dog must get them from their food.

The thing is that not all sources of protein contain the amino acids that your dog needs. The commercial food you get for your dog lists all the protein it contains.

However, the list of amino acids in them is missing. This is where a cracked raw egg over dog food can help to such an extent because it has all the 10 essential amino acids that we are talking about here.

Thus, when you feed your dog a raw egg on top of their regular food, you make sure they are getting the amino acids they need, and that too in adequate amounts!  

  1. Eggs have the necessary vitamins 

Eggs have several vitamins that are supposed to keep your dog healthy. They may be enumerated as below:

  • B-complex vitamins
  • niacin
  • folic acid
  • riboflavin
  • vitamins A, E, D, and K

Vitamin A makes sure that your dog’s cells are functioning properly and their immune system is as healthy as it is supposed to be. Vitamin B6 helps their red blood cells do their job properly and ensures the proper response of their immune system. All the vitamins you find in eggs help a dog grow healthily and keep their metabolism on track.

The food you feed regularly to your dog might contain some of these vitamins, but they mostly lack the majority of the essential vitamins. Your vet might recommend that you give them a vitamin supplement. However, feeding them a cracked raw egg over dog food is easier and costs a lot less!

  1. Eggshells have minerals that promote bone and joint health 

You would usually throw away the eggshell after you have given your furball acracked raw egg over dog food, but you should think this move over. Eggshells contain a diverse array of minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and they are great for the bones, teeth, muscles, and gums of your dog.

The minerals that you get in eggshells can be helpful for dogs who have arthritis. A study has found that supplements created from eggshells have helped improve key areas of such dogs, like pain, quality of life, and treatment response.

You may also be thinking if your dog will enjoy eggshells or not – the thing is that a lot of dogs do enjoy having eggshells. If you have a large-breed dog, you may even give him a whole egg without cracking it and let them open it themselves.

However, make sure you do this somewhere where you can clean up the mess with ease. You can do it outside their eating area. If your dog does not appreciate having an entire eggshell, you can grind it into a fine powder and mix it with their regular food.  

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  1. Topping your dog’s food with eggs might encourage them to eat more 

cracked raw egg over dog food

Is your dog getting better from an illness? Do they need to gain weight? Are they just picky eaters? In all these cases, it might be tough to get them to eat. The thing with adding a cracked raw egg over dog food is that it adds 75 calories to their meal.

Also, the whole egg running down the remaining of their food might make it a lot more appetizing for them, and they may be tempted to have that which will be beneficial to their health in the end, especially in the circumstances we have talked about already.

  1. Raw eggs could act as a special treat for your dog 

We all love to give special treats to our dogs, but a lot of the foods they usually beg for are not beneficial for their health. Eggs are superfoods for dogs. It also helps that most dogs tend to go crazy for them, which makes it so easy to feed them to your fur baby. Dogs have always loved eggs and eaten them.

They have been enjoying them for centuries – finding them in henhouses or from nests of wild birds. A whole egg can, in fact, also provide them with a great enrichment activity.

Some dogs like to play with an egg as much as they like to eat the same, and that is why a cracked raw egg over dog food is as great an option as it is.

Some other benefits of feeding raw eggs to dogs 

Eating a cracked raw egg over dog food helps improve the coat and skin health of your dog. Raw eggs contain healthy fats that provide these benefits to your dog. They help relieve itching and dryness and promote a coat that is as lustrous and shiny as any.

This in turn reduces the chance that they may suffer skin irritations. Raw eggs also have enzymes that help your dog’s body absorb the nutrients in dog food a lot better than they would otherwise do.

So, when you combine raw eggs with other ingredients in their diet, it helps them absorb all the essential nutrients and thus maximizes their benefits.

It provides them with greater energy levels as well. Raw eggs contain healthy fats and high amounts of protein, and this is why they can be a natural source of extra energy for your dog. Thanks to the greater levels of energy your dog becomes more active, engaged in their daily activities, and playful.

You may not know this, but raw eggs help your dog’s brain function a lot better. Since they contain Omega-3 fatty acids, raw eggs are beneficial for the cognitive function and brain health of dogs.

These fatty acids are capable of improving memory, supporting overall brain function, and promoting mental acuity.  

The risks of feeding raw eggs to your dog 

cracked raw egg over dog food

There are several risks of feeding a cracked raw egg over dog food that you must know about before you proceed with such a step. They may be enumerated as below:

  • They may contain salmonella
  • They might have E. coli
  • Your dog could choke on eggshells, and that can be hazardous
  • Egg whites have Avidin
  • If they have too many egg whites, they may end up being deficient in Biotin
  • Your dog may develop an allergy to eggs by eating raw eggs
  • They have a lot of cholesterol
  • The extra calories in eggs could make your dog overweight

If the raw egg contains salmonella, it will make your dog sick. E. coli in raw eggs can be just as bad for dogs as it can be for humans. Not all dogs can consume eggshells safely, and your dog could be one as well which will mean they will choke on pieces of eggshells.

Avidin is a protein that disturbs the natural digestive system of your dog. Avidin is also a Biotin inhibitor – the latter is a B-complex vitamin found in egg yolks. You must also know that eggs are among the ten most common sources of allergies. 

How to feed raw eggs to your dog?

If you want to feed your dog a cracked raw egg over dog food, keep a few things in mind. Always choose fresh eggs of the highest quality. This means getting them from a source that you can trust in this case.

Make sure you introduce them gradually into your dog’s diet. Think of the health, and the size of your dog, before you even make such a decision. Make sure that you feed them a balanced diet. Also, monitor your dog to check if their system is reacting adversely to the raw egg.

What are the alternatives to raw eggs for dogs?

Following are some alternatives that you can try if you do not want to feed your dog a cracked raw egg over dog food:

  • cooked eggs
  • eggshell powder
  • commercial replacements for eggs
  • high-quality sources of protein
  • plain yogurt

Cooked eggs are perhaps the safest and healthiest alternatives to raw eggs. Eggshell powder is an excellent choice when you are looking to add calcium to your dog’s diet.

These days, you also get commercially manufactured substitutes for eggs made only for dogs. If you want them to have more protein, you can choose other food high in it.

Safety measures and precautions to take while feeding raw eggs to your dog 

7 essential benefits of cracked raw egg over dog food

If you want to make sure that no danger comes to your dog from eating a cracked raw egg over dog food, keep a few factors in mind. Make sure that you handle and store the eggs properly.

After you handle raw eggs, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of bacteria. Do not feed only raw egg whites to your dog. Always talk with the veterinarian before feeding them raw eggs. Make sure that you are feeding them raw eggs hygienically.


So, in the end, the decision to feed your dog a cracked raw egg over dog food depends on whether the benefits outweigh the risks or not. In the case of puppies and senior dogs, this is a major issue for sure! However, feeding raw eggs to a healthy dog is usually more beneficial.

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