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Thursday , May 23 2024
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7 Essential Benefits of Cracked Raw Egg over Dog Food

healthy human food for dogs

As the human parent of a fluffy four-legged fur baby, you always want the best for them no matter what, and that includes their nutrition. Nutrition is a significant part of the same and is a reason why dog parents are always looking for the best ways to provide nutrition ...

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Top 3 Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet For Dogs

There are many reasons why people change to a vegan diet for dogs; protecting the environment, preventing cruelty to animals, or improving their health. Some people assume that a meat-based diet is the only option for their dogs, but that simply isn’t true. You would be surprised to realize that ...

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Guide On Grain-Free Diets For Your Dog

dog diet bulldog

Grain-free diets are everywhere in the pet food market! Both the big and small brands produce dog foods labeled “grain-free.” But what exactly are grain-free diets, and why are they so popular? Besides, are these diets safe for your dogs? Here, you’ll find a guide that helps you decide whether ...

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6 Best Fruits To Share With Your Dog This Summer

apple for dog

With summers raging down the heat, it is imperative to make sure that our pet dogs get enough nutrients and water to stay hydrated and healthy. Here are the 6 best fruits to share with your dog during this summer season. 1. Cantaloupe It is an excellent source of potassium, ...

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Easy To Digest-Best Grain Free Dog Food For Your Pet

the best grain free dog food

Guest post! The dog’s ancestral diet is mainly composed of more meat-based proteins and easily digestible animal fat. According to the general insight, dogs belong to the carnivorous family of animals. Therefore, many dog owners prefer grain-free dog foods. They think that grains are more difficult to be digested by ...

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