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Sunday , September 19 2021
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10 Human Foods That Are Harmful To Dogs

Harmful Foods for Dogs

Some foods that are edible for humans could be hazardous to dogs because of the difference in metabolism capabilities. Some foods might cause mild digestive problems whereas others can cause illness and even death. So it is essential to know which food you can feed your dog and which you ...

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How To Help Your Dog Gain Weight?

How to help dog gain weight

Is your dog underweight or losing weight? There might be many reasons behind dogs losing weight. The most common reasons include depression, anxiety, genetic conditions, digestive disorders, etc. Without identifying the cause of weight loss, many pet dog owners start feeding their pets in excess to make them gain weight. ...

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Dog Nutrition: Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Dog Nutrition Can Dogs Eat Celery

Dogs are fed a balanced and complete diet and do not require vegetables and fruits the way we do. But in the case of moderation, some vegetables and fruits make up for a healthy treat. Veggies, low-fat fruits, and low-calorie are one of the best treats for dogs struggling with ...

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3 Homemade Winter Treats For Dogs

Dog love to sleep

Winter is a lazy time for all of us. It is a lazy time for our dogs as well. During winters their outdoor activities slow down. Dogs usually feel over-energized by remaining at home and not getting enough outdoor time. This is where you can do something interesting to keep ...

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Puppychino | A Dog Café In Delhi

Something amazing has happened in the Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. This trending and posh part of Delhi recently got a dog café – Puppychino, that is making quite a buzz in the social media and among the dog owners/lovers in Delhi. Mallika Tandon, the owner of the café is ...

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