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Wednesday , July 24 2024
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The Most Poisonous Foods For Dogs

8 Most Poisonous Foods For Dogs

When you think of foods that can be toxic for dogs, the first category that comes to mind is foods like sugars, salt, and fats. You would probably start to panic because you may have been feeding your dog all of this.

The thing with human food is that it contains these elements than what a dog’s body is habituated to. For instance, salt is a common ingredient in most recipes savored by us. However, salt cause electrolyte imbalance in dogs.

Sugar is not a natural food for dogs. Therefore, it can make them obese. Their bodies find it complicated to digest fats and protein we humans consume naturally.

Thus, dogs suffer from digestion problems, liver dysfunction, and pancreatitis. Apart from these, some foods look harmless but can be highly toxic for dogs. Better to research what you are feeding your dog on a smartphone before you do so.

Toxic food for the dogs

1. Raw eggs

raw egg

Eggs are rich in protein, and if you cook them well, they can be beneficial for their digestive system and coat. However, raw eggs will not be beneficial to dogs. It can be poisonous for them.

The main reason for such a statement is that raw eggs can lead to biotin deficiency in their systems. They have an enzyme referred to as avidin. It stops the body of your dog from absorbing biotin properly. Biotin is a B vitamin.

Indeed, dogs do not commonly suffer from biotin deficiency. However, there is still a chance it may happen if you continue feeding them raw eggs.

If they suffer nutritional deficiencies, they may face issues like unhealthy coats, skin issues, and difficulty with digestion, to name a few. Don’t forget that eggs may have salmonella. Hence, that can be highly poisonous for dogs as well.

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2. Dairy products such as milk 

Dairy products such as milk

Dairy products help improve the calcium levels in your body. However, they are not helpful for your dog. Dairy products are one of the biggest reasons canines suffer from lactose intolerance.

You would find that some dogs can handle dairy products such as cheese and plain yogurt. However, this does not apply to all the dogs out there.

Lack of sufficient lactase enzymes in their body means difficulty breaking down the lactose present in dairy products.

It can affect their digestive system and lead them to pass gas. Apart from that, dogs may suffer issues, such as bloating, diarrhea, and pain in their abdomen.

3. Human vitamins containing iron 

Human vitamins containing iron

These vitamins damage the wall lining of the digestive system of a dog. They have a similar effect on the dogs’ liver and kidneys. You have vitamin B supplements that have been designed especially for dogs.

4. Lots of liver 


If your dog eats a lot of liver, it can lead to vitamin A toxicity in their systems. Hence, it would affect their bones and muscles as well. It means that their bones could become deformed. Some bones may grow more than they should, and they may also suffer from anorexia.

5. Mushrooms 


Mushrooms contain a lot of poisonous substances. Certain kinds of mushrooms have specific types of poisonous substances. All these can affect different parts of your dog’s body. It can lead to shock and seizures. In some cases, they may even die as well.

6. Macadamia nuts 

Macadamia nuts 

Macadamia nuts contain poisonous substances as well. If your dog consumes even a handful of these nuts, they may start to vomit, feel lethargic, and experience swelling and pain in their joints and muscles.

6. Grapes and raisins 

Grapes and raisins 

Some recent studies reveal that both raisins and grapes contain a toxin. Hence, that affects the kidney functions of the canines. It can cause severe damage to their kidneys.

The toxicity of these fruits is to be beyond doubt. However, doctors are yet to find out and confirm the chemical in grapes that cause all this.

7. Garlic and onions 


These vegetables contain disulfides and sulfoxides that can damage the red blood cells and cause the dogs to suffer from anemia. Onions are said to be the more toxic ones among these.

Avoid all parts of vegetables in your dog’s food, such as skin, inner part, and powder. Apart from this, garlic should be avoided.

8. Chocolate and anything that contains caffeine 

Chocolate and anything that contains caffeine

Never feed chocolate to your dogs. Every expert related to dogs strictly and fervently prohibits dog parents from giving chocolates.

Dark chocolate is considered the worst culprit among these. However, all types of chocolate contain theobromine similar to caffeine. Hence, this is a dangerous substance for dogs. Not only is it poisonous, but dogs find it hard to metabolize the same.

If there is a lot of theobromine in their system, it can kill the dogs. If you think that your dog may have consumed even the tiniest bit of chocolate, you must take them to the veterinary doctor straight away.

However, there is not much need for you to worry. A small amount of chocolate would cause digestive problems. Still, it is better that you take them to their doctor.

Some other foods which are poisonous to the dogs 

Apart from the names that we have mentioned so far, you must also not feed your dog the likes of alcohol, yeast dough, sugar, peach and apricot pits, walnuts, turkey skin, gum, and candies without sugar, and potatoes. Certain vegetables are supposed to be bad for them, such as avocados, unripe tomatoes, leeks, and chives.

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