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Saturday , August 13 2022
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Why Is Your Dog Constipated?

Why Is Your Dog Constipated

Constipation is a common health issue in dogs and refers to the inability to pass a normal stool regularly. It can happen for different reasons and usually can be easily fixed, but some dogs may experience chronic constipation. It can lead to obstipation, where the stool becomes drier and more ...

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Why You Should Choose Orthopedic Beds for Your Senior Dogs

Why You Should Choose Orthopedic Beds for Your Senior Dogs

Orthopedic dog beds offer your dog better body support than traditional dog beds, making them an ideal option for dogs heading into their senior years. Problems like arthritis, soreness, joint pain, stiff muscles, and hip dysplasia become more common for senior dogs and make it more difficult for them to ...

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Do Broken Dog Teeth Have To Be Removed?

Broken dog teeth

No, you don’t have to remove broken teeth. According to K9 Rocks, veterinarians can perform Root Canal Therapy which has a success rate of 95%. Or you can do Vital Pulpotomy which has a success rate of 75%. Sometimes, pets get hit by cars and this can cause them to ...

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Itchy Dog Causes & Treatment

Your Itchy Dog The Causes & 7 Quick Wins

Have you heard the sound of constant scratching or itching as if a nail is on the chalkboard coming from your furry friend? Never blame him because it may be the underlying cause of parasites or allergies. Just like us, dogs also develop skin problems sometimes that may require a ...

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How To Know if Your Dog Is in Pain – Dog Pain Sign

Top 11 Signs Your Dog is in Pain

Most dogs are resilient and don’t bother their human parents when they get small cuts or bruises. It is why sometimes it’s difficult to know whether your dog is in pain or why. A dog suffering from pain can be due to many reasons, but most commonly, it’s something either ...

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What Should I Feed My Dog to Regain Health

What to Feed Your Dog to Regain Health

Nursing your ill dog back to health can be a daunting task. Knowing exactly what’s good and what will provide the most nutrient-packed meals for a quick recovery is important. Or maybe you adopted a malnourished dog that requires very specific care. Whatever the reason, we will explore what to ...

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First Aid Tips for Dog Owners

If you are a pet owner, you need to ensure that you are always ready to provide first aid in case of an emergency to your pet. You should have your vet’s number on speed dial. If you are not able to provide first-aid, rush to the closest emergency animal ...

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Ways To Monitor Your Dog’s Health At Home

Ways To Monitor Your Dog's Health At Home

Dogs are great companions for a family. They always seem energetic and fun to be around. However, can you tell when your dog has a health concern? Animals can’t tell us if they are suffering from some kind of health issue or pain. So, it’s up to us to look ...

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Bacterial Infection In Dogs | Dog Health

Bacterial Infection In Dogs

Bacterial infection is a Streptococcus infection that can cause illness in dogs.  Usually, puppies and older dogs are most susceptible to developing this disease because their immune systems are not fully developed or weakened respectively. Please note that when a dog’s immune system is weakened (for any reason), they are ...

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