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Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Your every move is being watched? Perhaps while you’re watching tv or scrolling through Instagram. Or you’re curled up in bed reading your favorite book. When all of a sudden you look up, and sure enough, your dog is staring at you. ...

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How To Help A Stray Dog?

How To Help A Stray Pet

If one day you ever find a stray dog or cat on the street, scared and confused, hungry and cold, please consider helping it, even if you are not an animal lover. Often it happens that a pet gets loose and wanders off far from its home. This article is ...

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6 Ways to Keep Flies Away From Dog

Ways to Keep Flies Away From Dog

You may have noticed flies buzzing around your favorite dog and home on summer days. Even though flies are small creatures, they can do a lot of damage to your dog’s peace of mind and health. So it makes it important to keep flies away from your dog. If your ...

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Signs You Need to Change the Diet of Your Dog

Signs You Need to Change the Diet of Your Dog

The most obvious sign your dog needs a new diet is regular vomiting. If the vomiting has become chronic, their bodies are not receiving and digesting the food properly. It is causing their stomach to be upset, which leads to vomiting. Keep an eye on them and see if your ...

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Animal Helplines In Mumbai

10 Animal Helplines in Mumbai to help dogs in need

Mumbai is an Indian city full of motion. In this city full of activities, it is frequently observed that an incapacitated dog requires medical support or a home. We’ve all experienced the pain of incapability when seeing an injured dog or a left-alone dog on the street. Uninformed of what ...

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How To Give Your Dog A Spa At Home?

How To Give Your Dog A Spa Naturally At Home

If your dog has had a hard day running around and playing in the mud and soil, you must give your furball a good session of bathing that relaxes them. It is essential for them. You can be sure that nothing would soothe them better. In some cases, your dog ...

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Advice For Tending To Dog Wounds At Home

Advice For Tending To Wounds At Home From Your Vet

Pet accidents are not unheard of. Does your dog have a wound? Minor wounds are treated at home. However, for serious cases, you have to visit the vet hospital. Some preliminary first aid can be helpful before taking him to the vet. Dogs are active beings. Hence, sporadically experience cuts, ...

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