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Thursday , May 25 2023
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How To Clean Your Dog Without Bathing Them?

How to Clean your Dog without Bathing them

Dogs are a part of your family. Therefore, checking on its health requirements, especially hygiene, is essential. A clean dog is healthy, as cleanliness keeps diseases at bay. You can try using a waterless or dry dog shampoo when it comes to maintaining dog hygiene and keeping it clean. These ...

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Peppermint for Dogs: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Peppermint for Dogs Weighing the Pros and Cons

There are few human foods that you can provide as an occasional treat to your dog. The only examples are carrots and cooked eggs. You could feed them a couple of slices of an apple. However, should dogs have peppermint? The thing is that they tend to snack on these ...

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How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed

Introduction Golden Retrievers are without a doubt some of the best family dogs you can raise at home. If you’re a prospective Golden parent, you need to beware of their shedding pattern. These long-furred dogs have a double-layered coat, stacked with fur which comes out frequently. However, the big question ...

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What to Do When My Dog Swallows a Bone?

What to Do When My Dog Swallows a Bone?

Quite often than not, dog parents face situations that they never wanted to. Hence, as a dog owner, you may be cautious about its health and well-being. Any untoward incident can be a threat to its life. Here, we are talking about a situation where your dog may end up ...

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How to Find a Good Diet for Your Puppy

A dog is one of the most loyal friends a man can have. Having a dog as a pet is a joyous experience. But taking care of your dog is of utmost importance. So please pay attention to the food you give your dog. Dog owners often wonder what should ...

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7 Tips On How To Help Dog Deal With Separation Anxiety

7 Tips To Help Your Dog Or Puppy Deal With Separation Anxiety (1)

The terrible loneliness of dogs How many dog lovers feel dreadful guilt whenever they leave the house without their dog?  For some of us, it might be the worst time of day as our loyal canine companions’ soft, brown eyes follow our every preparation to go out with what we ...

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Dog Shedding: Everything You Need to Know About

Things To Know About Dog Shedding

Is there any dog that does not shed? Well, you may be going in the wrong direction. It is natural for every dog to clear, so no dog breed doesn’t relieve. However, some breeds do shed more than others. It is because they are known to be hypoallergenic. Dog Breeds ...

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7 Easy Ways of Making Your Old Dog’s Life Happy

Seven Ways of Making Your Senior Dog's Life Happy

As your dog grows old, seeing the changes becomes a painful sight. When humans grow old, it is a different experience. They achieve many experiences and knowledge with age and find their life fruitful. In the case of dogs, as they age, it becomes difficult for them as they get ...

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