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Wednesday , February 8 2023
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Register Pet Dogs or Pay Rs 5000 Fine

Over 90 Shih-Tzus Were Rescued

Srinagar, Jan 19: The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has instructed the people of Srinagar to register their pet dogs with the corporation within 30 days. The corporation has warned of the dog’s impoundment and imposition of a fine of Rs 5,000 on the owners who fail to register their pets. ...

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Is Your Dog Having A Fever?

dog fever symptoms

A dog’s normal body temperature fluctuates between 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit. If the body temperature goes above 103.5 ° F (39.7° C), it can be considered a fever. You should note that fever is not some disease but a symptom of an underlying cause. The cause could be a viral or bacterial ...

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Canine Behavior Problems: Correcting Bad Behavior

A badly behaved dog can cause problems both for himself and for his owner. However, with a basic understanding of how a dog reacts to particular situations, an owner can correct bad behavior. Often, behavioral problems result from a breakdown in communication between dogs and humans. With a better understanding, ...

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Preventing Obesity in Pets – Pet Owner’s Guide

A Pet Owner's Guide To Prevent Obesity In Pets

Don’t we all want our fur babies to be in good health always? Each of us wants to cherish our pets for as long as possible. However, sometimes we forget how improper nutrition and lack of regular exercise can cause them to gain excessive weight. Did you know that obesity ...

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8 Common Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs

The statement, “your dog has a tumor” is saddening for any dog owner. It might be surprising to learn that just like it affects humans, Crab is a deadly ailment that affects pooches too. It afflicts dogs of all ages but research has shown that older dogs that have passed ...

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5 Facts About Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

The tall, sleek, muscular, athletic, and intimidating Doberman Pinscher is an iconic guard dog and a loving pet. If you were thinking of getting a guard dog, then the Doberman would be one of the first breeds that come to your mind and that’s for good reason. One of the ...

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How To Know if Your Dog Is in Pain – Dog Pain Sign

Top 11 Signs Your Dog is in Pain

Most dogs are resilient and don’t bother their human parents when they get small cuts or bruises. It is why sometimes it’s difficult to know whether your dog is in pain or why. A dog suffering from pain can be due to many reasons, but most commonly, it’s something either ...

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6 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection

6 Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

If you are a pet parent, the issues of their ear infections must have bothered you a lot! Ear infections can be painful. When moisture and debris get clogged, especially in floppy ears of dogs like Doberman, Basset Hound, Beagle, etc., it can cause infections. Even dogs with hairy inner ...

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