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Easy To Digest-Best Grain Free Dog Food For Your Pet

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The dog’s ancestral diet is mainly composed of more meat-based proteins and easily digestible animal fat. According to the general insight, dogs belong to the carnivorous family of animals. Therefore, many dog owners prefer grain-free dog foods.

They think that grains are more difficult to be digested by dogs because unlike humans or grass-eating animals an enzyme known as amylase is not produced in dog’s saliva. Amylase helps to break down starchy carbs into simple sugar before entering the stomach. However, in dogs, the enzyme amylase is added to the food later in the small intestine.

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Grain-free food does not mean that the food is free from carbohydrates. To produce kibble or canned dog food a noticeable amount of carbohydrates are required to give it a dough-like structure so that it will help in binding everything together. If grains are not added for binding purpose vegetables like potatoes or legumes are added to the grain-free dog food items.

Not all dogs require grain-free or gluten-free dog food. Many people switch to grain-free food if their canine suffers from food allergies or has a sensitive digestive system. There is no doubt that just like humans, dogs may also be sensitive to some specific food ingredients.

You can even make an appointment with your vet to know the reason behind the upset tummy of your dog. Yes, it seems expensive however it is not more expensive than your dog’s health and regular switching in food choices. To help you a little we have organized a list of easy-to-digest grain free dog food for your pet.

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Before moving to the list, it is important to understand the difference between grain-free and gluten-free food. The food which claims to be gluten-free might contain grains as not all grains contain gluten. However, grain-free dog foods will always be gluten-free.

Taste Of the Wild Dog Food:

Is produced by Diamond pet food incorporation, just like its name taste of wild has a wide variety of grain free dog food which brings a taste of lamb, bison, venison, salmon, and chicken for your dog. These food items also contain probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system.

Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free dry food also contains the perfect amount of omega 3 and omega-six fatty acids which has inflammatory properties. Taste of wild also has a wide variety of canned foods that are grain-free, contains Bison, lamb, and venison blend for the quality protein source. It also contains tomatoes, blueberries, and raspberries which work as antioxidants.

Victor Dog Food

Victor dog food is light on pocket yet a healthy diet for your four-footer. As you look into the ingredients of victor’s food, you will be able to identify that the meat content in victor’s dog food provides 300% more protein than fresh meat.

They also used sweet potatoes in the majority of their products to add complex carbohydrates which are the source of dietary fiber for your dog. Some famous victor foods are victor performance formula Victor hero grain-free dry dog food, victor hi-pro plus formula, or victor active dog and puppy formula.

However, there is a debate that dogs have evolved from their ancestors so their eating patterns. So they can be fed on food that has grains in it. You can take good care of your dog and help him avoid different diseases by providing him with the best food.

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