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Don’t Buy a Bulldog Until the Breed Is Reshaped

Don’t Buy a Bulldog Until the Breed Is Reshaped, Vets Plead

Bulldogs, a dog breed with a flat face, look cute, but this breed can experience a lifetime of suffering. Hence, vets are asking people to refrain from buying one. A study revealed that these dogs suffer twice the health risks as other dog breeds. Experts from the Royal Veterinary College ...

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Video Of A Cute Dog In A Yellow Raincoat Goes Viral

dog wearing raincoat

Pets and their cute actions can definitely lighten up your day. Since being posted, the video gaining traction on the internet. The video shows a cute little dog wearing a yellow raincoat trying to protect himself from the rain. “Dogs Of Instagram,” the page on Instagram has shared this video. ...

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Cute Video Of A Dog With Different Hairstyles

cute dog hairstyle

This video was posted on Instagram that shows a furry dog with different hairstyles and will definitely give you some major goals. Every pet owner usually ensures their pets look cute when styled or dressed. And if you have a dog or cut with a lot of furs, then it ...

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Golden Retriever Antics Captured In Video Goes Viral

golden retriever antics

The video was posted on Instagram that shows the antics of the Golden Retriever dog. Nowadays, the Internet is full of pet videos that are fun to watch. Whenever we are sad, we like to scroll through various social media platforms to look for photos and videos that make us ...

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Get Your Dogs Registered With Greater Chennai Corporation

dog sitting on blanket

Chennai: If you have pets and haven’t registered them with the Greater Chennai Corporation, then go to veterinary clinics to get them registered. Greater Chennai Corporation has devised the initiative to improve its database because several people have pets in their homes. Veterinary Officer J Kamal Hussain stated that the ...

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