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Thursday , June 20 2024
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Kerala's Loyal Canine Dog Awaits Outside Mortuary for Four Months
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Kerala’s Loyal Canine: Dog Awaits Outside Mortuary for Four Months

A heartwarming and yet poignant story unfolds in Kerala’s Kannur district hospital, where a loyal dog patiently waits outside the hospital’s mortuary. This unnamed canine has maintained his vigil for nearly four months, reminiscent of the legendary Hachiko, the Akita dog celebrated in cinema for his unwavering loyalty, waiting at a train station for over nine years, unaware that his faithful companion had passed away.

Hospital authorities in the district have been unable to determine the identity of the tan and white dog’s owner. The dog’s enduring, solitary presence has led them to believe that his owner might have been a patient who passed away at the hospital and was taken to the morgue. The uncertainty is undoubtedly challenging, but the dog continues to wait in silence.

Hospital attendant Rajesh Kumar K first noticed the loyal pet dog nearly four months ago, lying on the ramp leading to the mortuary. Initially, they didn’t pay much attention to the dog, but when he persisted in staying there, they started to take notice. Upon inquiring, they learned that he had accompanied a patient who had sadly passed away at the hospital, yet no one could identify the patient.

In the early days, the dog declined to eat, but he eventually began accepting biscuits and other food offered by kind-hearted individuals. The dog’s preferred spot is the mortuary’s entrance ramp, where bodies are taken inside. His hope, it seems, is that his master will return. Even though he occasionally visits a nearby physiotherapy department building, he consistently returns to the mortuary, particularly at night. Furthermore, he doesn’t socialize with other stray dogs in the vicinity, displaying a particular preference for his food.

Dr. Maya Gopalakrishnan, informed about the dog’s plight by hospital staff, has been providing him with home-cooked meals. The dog enjoys eggs and fish but isn’t fond of rice, and it remains unclear what his previous owners had been feeding him. Dr. Maya has affectionately named him “Ramu.”

In a heartening turn of events, a woman from Kannur has expressed interest in adopting the devoted dog, offering the promise of a loving forever home. This story serves as a touching reminder of the unbreakable bond between humans and their loyal four-legged companions.

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