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Saturday , May 18 2024
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Jungkook of Famous Boy band BTS Makes His Instagram Comeback as Bam’s Dad

BTS’ Jungkook, who is fulfilling his mandatory military service in South Korea, has recently delighted his fans (ARMY) with a heartwarming gesture by creating an Instagram account for his most lovable dog among fans and ARMY Bam. The news broke that Jungkook, known for his global popularity and musical prowess, had committed to service in South Korea.

Jungkook’s Heartwarming Tribute to His Beloved Pet

As expected, the account named @bowwow_bam didn’t take much time to gain quick traction within hours of its creation. The account has 4.7 million followers and sparked a wave of enthusiasm among BTS’ devoted fanbase (ARMY).

Jungkook, in a message shared on Weverse, a platform for fan interactions by Hybe, cutely expressed his excitement: “I can’t brag about myself right now, so I should brag about my child (baby) instead. Have a great night Bowwow_bam.

The decision to create an Instagram account for Bam, a Doberman, shows Jungkook’s affection for his pet child and his desire to stay connected with fans despite his military obligations. The account features endearing moments of Bam, from playful antics to cute poses, capturing the hearts of followers worldwide.

Jungkook’s Military Journey

Jungkook began his military service in December 2023 alongside his fellow BTS member Jimin, who was part of the buddy enlistment program. Despite the temporary break from public appearances, Jungkook’s presence on social media through Bam’s account shows his commitment to maintaining a connection with the ARMY during this period.

Now, you’d be wondering why Jungkook didn’t create his Instagram account, so let me tell you. He did when all the members created their personal Instagram accounts, but before his military service, he deleted it. According to some reports, he deleted it due to a few stalkers.

Jungkook, widely known for his musical talents and contributions to BTS’ success, embarked on his military service journey while also making waves in the music industry. Before enlistment, his recent album release, ‘GOLDEN,’ showcased his artistry and versatility while further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the K-pop industry.

Looking Ahead for BTS’ Reunion

As Jungkook and other BTS members are on their way to complete their military responsibilities, fans are eagerly anticipating their return. The return is expected to be in June 2025, when he and fellow BTS members will reunite once again for their future plans. In the meantime, Jungkook’s Instagram venture for Bam offers a glimpse into his personal life while reinforcing the enduring connection between BTS and the ARMY.


  1. What profile photo does Bam’s Instagram account have?

The Instagram account lovingly made by Jungkook for Bam has a very adorable photo of Bam and Jungkook showing their sweet bond and playful energy.

  1. What is Bam’s Instagram account’s current and deleted bio?

The bio today says, “Have a good BAM”; however, when the account was first made the account, the bio was ‘BARK, BARK, BARK…’.

  1. What posts does Bam’s Instagram account have?

The account was created just five days ago and has seven posts, including a reel that has crossed 14 million views.

The photos, which show Bam’s playful energy and his beautiful tan and red tone, also have lakhs of likes and thousands of comments. There’s also a post that shares a glimpse from Bam’s bath time, with fans showing affection towards the adorable dog.

Bam was first introduced during the BTS in the SOOP 2 show in 2021. The caption described him as a big build dog but a baby,’ and his new photos on his new Instagram account serve as evidence. 

Bam’s Instagram account, bowwow_bam, has already surpassed an impressive 4.7 million followers, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next post.

Here’s more about Jungkook’s Pet Dog Bam

The tan and red Doberman was first noticed by fans on Jungkook’s lock screen on August 30, 2021, during the K-pop idol’s birthday live.

Later, he was featured on BTS In The SOOP!’s season 2 poster. Fans quickly noticed his similarity with the Jungkook’s lock-screen, leading Bam to be officially introduced to the fans.

It didn’t take much time for Bam to find fame alongside his ‘sanctions’ (BTS members). After Bam was officially introduced to the world, Jungkook shared many Instagram posts about him. All the other memes also seemed to be getting along well with the Doberman, playing with him on multiple occasions.


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