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Wednesday , December 8 2021
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How to Choose a Right Dog Sitter?

You surely love your dog, but you may not get enough time to care for him. Work, relationships, responsibilities, and more – life can be busy. But that doesn’t mean your dog should suffer.

If you don’t get enough time to spend with your dog, get him a dog sitter.

Here’s how you can choose the right dog sitter for your furry companion.

Find Pet Sitters in your Area

First things first, you need to find quality pet sitters in your area. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as:

Online Sources: You can check sites like Pet Sitters, Angie’s List, and for pet sitters. You can also look for them on social media sites.

Neighbors: If your neighbors have pets, ask them if they know any pet sitters. This is a better option because you can also ask your neighbors if the dog sitters are good or not.

Determine your Needs

In order to find the right dog sitter, you’ll need to first determine your requirements. For instance, if your dog has any specific medical problems, you’ll need a dog sitter with more experience.

If you work a night shift, you’ll need an overnight sitter. Having your needs penned down will help you find the best dog sitter for your pooch.

Apart from your needs, there are a few signs to look for in quality pet sitters. When filtering through the names, you should not waste on contacting a sitter who does not have the right credentials.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Make sure the dog sitter you hire has liability insurance. It’s even better if the pet sitter also has some formal training.
  • See if the dog sitter works with a vet. It is important as you should always ensure emergency services for your dog.
  • Make sure the dog sitter provides references. You should not hire someone without contacting their past clients first. A dog sitter will have access to your home, so find a sitter who has a list of clients to back his legitimacy.

Compare Prices between Pet Sitters

Once you have a few dog sitters on the list, it’s time to find someone in your price range. Some sitters, especially newbies, would be willing to negotiate prices. On the other hand, experienced sitters have fixed prices and are often expensive.

You don’t necessarily need to go for the cheapest option available, but at least opt for a sitter who is within a reasonable range.

Here are a few points to consider.

  • Have a clear idea of how much you can spend per night or per day.
  • Set for yourself a general budget range and shortlist only the sitters who fall in that range. For example, if your budget is $60-100 per night, avoid sitters charging more than $100.

Conduct Interviews

Once you have a few names on the list, start conducting interviews. Ask them questions, such as why they like pet sitting, what services they provide, do they have any training and experience, etc. Also, check if the dog sitter is insured. Lastly, ask if they can meet emergencies and any special needs.

What to look for in a Pet Sitter?

You might come across hundreds of babysitter contacts in a day. Selecting the best out of so many options can be challenging. According to the best dog website, here are a few things to do before hiring a dog sitter.

  • Check online review sites to find out if the dog sitter has good reviews or not. Usually, the best sitters have a few glowing reviews to back them up.
  • Set up a meeting with the dog sitter to see how he connects with your pet. See if the person is confident and qualified enough to handle the situation, especially if you have a senior dog.
  • Make sure the person is open to communication as per your requirements. If you want, they should agree upon giving you daily updates by sending photos and videos.

Make the Final Decision

Once you’ve met and interviewed the best dog sitters in your area, it’s time to select the right dog sitter. Once you’ve conducted interviews and end up with one or two sitters, you can talk to the references. It is a good way to make the final decision.

The references can answer any questions about the pet sitter, which will give you a clear insight into what type of person you are about to pair your dog with. See which one of the candidates aligns with your needs and requirements, and make the final decision.


Ideally, you should get a dog only if you can dedicate your time to him. But life happens, and sometimes, you may not get enough time to take care of your dog. In such cases, a dog sitter can come in handy. Follow the tips discussed above to make sure you find the right dog sitter for your dog.

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