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Saturday , May 18 2024
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A Comprehensive Guide On Senior Dog Care

A Comprehensive Guide On Senior Dog Care

Senior dogs indeed have a different requirement than younger dogs. It is not surprising for the people but will you be able to know easily about when you must consider your dog senior?

Well, it depends on individual dogs. The giant breed dogs tend to age faster than the smaller breed. Like a Chihuahua could be considered only to be in the middle age when they are 5-6 years old, whereas a Great Dane will be regarded as a senior one.

Why is senior dog care essential?

Senior dog care requires proper safety and precautions because they tend to develop diseases like arthritis causing them to slow down. There is a possibility that they may also not walk as far they used to and get tired easily. If you see the signs, you need to start providing special attention and care to the senior dog.

The dental diseases for dogs can turn out to be quite painful. You may notice it when they start to lose their teeth and avoid eating meals. These are the signs that they are facing serious dental problems. Other prominent diseases like heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and other diseases may result in significant weight loss.

Some of the senior dogs may also become lazy, ending up gaining weight. Obesity is also a prominent health issue among dogs of all ages, and senior dogs are more prone to it.

How to take care of a senior dog?

Now, if you are looking for some tips to take care of a senior dog, we’ve listed them below:

Timely visits with your vet:

As a pet parent, you must make sure that your dog is examined at least once a year if it appears healthy because the possibility of hidden diseases is much more prominent. Prevention is always better than cure, so you must try to prevent the disease instead of getting them treated because it will be painful for your dog and cost a lot of money.

Also, remember to ask about the body condition of your dog during your vet visit so that it’ll be easy for you to determine whether your senior dog is underweight, overweight, or at the ideal body weight. You must also ask your veterinarian to demonstrate how to evaluate your dog’s body condition at home.

Feeding your older dog with a good diet:

take care of a senior dog

Caring for a senior dog also includes providing them with a healthy diet. You can do this by keeping an eye on the dog food labels and choosing the appropriate diet plan for your dog’s lifestyle and age.

Why Your Senior Dog Is Losing Weight And What To Do?

Using the food to maintain the ideal body weight of your senior dog:

As overweight dogs are more prone to diseases like skin disease, heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. Your vet can help you out in choosing the proper diet for your senior dog. Keep in mind that the food you give is nutritious and does not make them obese.

Special diet for kidney or heart diseases:

Diets lower in sodium are sometimes related to heart diseases. On the other hand, diets that help control calcium, phosphorus, or other electrolyte levels are given to dogs suffering from kidney disease. Your vet will help you choose the best food for your dog, considering his health condition.

Exercise is a must:

Due to old age, dogs tend to slow down. But caring for a senior dog also means that you need to get them to exercise to remain fit with healthy muscles and joints. Exercise varies according to the size of the dog so make sure you choose the right ones.

Stretching Your Senior Dog

Take care of oral health:

It may sound silly but brushing your dog’s teeth will help in keeping their mouth healthy. If you cannot brush their teeth, you can also go for other dental toys and treats, which can help keep their teeth clean.

Providing space for toys and special accommodations:

Dogs with serious diseases like arthritis may benefit from soft beddings in the form of blankets/towels or special dog beds to sleep.

Caring for Older Dogs also requires pet parents to take care of other hassles like you can provide them rugs or carpet over the hard-surface floors, which can help your arthritic dog gain his footing making it easier for him to get around.

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Products to help take care of senior dogs

In our research, we’ve found some pet supplies that will be perfect for senior dog care. Check out the list below!

Soft chews for Canine Joint Support

Soft chews for Canine Joint Support

These soft chews will help dogs suffering from joint pain or arthritis.

Dog stroller

Dog stroller

A lightweight dog stroller will help your senior dog to go on a walk with you if they have a hard time walking.

Raised dog food bowls

Raised dog food bowls

Few senior dogs suffer from spine problems, so these raised dog food bowls will help them keep their spine straight, making it easy for them to eat.


Many pet parents lack understanding of their dogs’ problems, especially when they become seniors or are near death because of old age. But these simple tips and a few listed products can surely help you care for your senior dog. Let us know if you have any questions regarding senior dog care. Share in the comments below

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