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What is the Ideal Weight of the French Bulldog?

Wondering about the weight of your new Frenchie? Both male and female Frenchie’s weight slightly differs from each other.

The ideal weight of a male French Bulldog can go up to 20 to 28 Pounds (9-13 kilograms) whereas the ideal weight of a female Frenchie can range anywhere between 18 to 26 Pounds (8-12 kilograms).

The weight of a French Bulldog puppy at nine weeks can range between 4 to 5 Pounds (2 to 3 kilograms). Of course, this would not be the same for each puppy.

The weight of both male and female Frenchies depends upon various factors, including genetics and body shape.

One should always keep a track of the weight of their doggo, if they are gaining weight at a good rate, it’s a win. However, if you notice a sudden change in the weight of your Furball then you should get in touch with a veterinarian.

French Bulldogs do not require much outdoor exercise and they love lying on sofas all day. But you should take your Furry companion for a nice walk at frequent intervals, in order to prevent them from getting obese.

French Bulldogs need special health care 

How to know if a French Bulldog is overweight?

If you notice that your doggo’s weight is somewhat more than the ideal weight of a Frenchie, it is not a thing to get worried about.

More than half of the dogs in the entire world do not have an ideal weight and are overweight. It is highly possible that your doggo could be overweight too.

If you notice that your French bulldog gets tired very quickly with just a slight activity, then it could be a sign for your doggo to lose some weight. Of course, Frenchies have this trait of breathing heavily, so this symptom may not necessarily be a sign of weight problems.

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Also, keep a check on how your Furry companion grooms himself. If they are unable to reach some parts of their body, then it could be a weight problem. But again, some Frenchies have their unique body type and cannot reach certain parts of their body.

If you see that your Frenchie is slightly going out of shape and is getting chubby, then it is time to put your doggo on a diet.

You have to closely observe your doggo first and then come to any conclusion. If you are still unsure then you should seek advice from your vet.

Dognappers Target French Bulldog Breed in the US
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Health Issues French Bulldog face if they are Overweight

Well, they rightly say that it is a task parenting a doggo. Taking care of your little friend’s daily needs to regularly taking them to a vet and see if they are doing well, is a big-big task. But dog parents excel in doing this.

It is really important to see how your little friend is doing. If your doggo is overweight then it is not a good sign. There are several health issues that your Frenchie might face if they are overweight, which include;

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis and other joint issues
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes

One can always seek a professional opinion to check if their Frenchie’s weight is just fine or needs to be addressed.

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How to know if your French Bulldog is Underweight?

Observe your doggo’s rib cage. If you are able to feel each individual rib of your little friend then it is a good sign. However, if you can see the entire rib cage easily then it can be a sign of your doggo being underweight.

Most of the people who own a Frenchie tend to worry about their doggo being overweight but few doggos can get underweight too. Your furry companion’s body should not be too thick or too thin.

The shape of your Frenchie should be more like an hourglass but less like an oval. Note that young Frenchies may be skinnier than adults because of the difference in their activities.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog

How can you help French Bulldog lose weight?

If you’re certain that your Frenchie’s weight is not like what it should be and you know that they are getting overweight then you can do the following;

Put them on a Diet:

Give them specialized dog foods that have necessary nutrients in the appropriate quantities. But do not forget to check the brand of the food, and read reviews on what food you should give your dog. Do the required research and then give your doggo their perfect food.

Opt for Homemade Food:

Homemade food is the healthiest food that one can give their doggo. See what necessary nutrients your doggo is missing in their diet and include those in your home-cooked food.

Cut on their Healthy Treats:

We all love our doggos and know that sometimes they deserve a treat. However, store-bought treats are not so healthy for your doggo when you are trying to manage their weight problems.

Give them some really healthy food like Carrots, Apple slices, and Watermelon (make sure that you remove the seeds).

Make sure you take your pup to short walks or play sessions as they are really beneficial if you want to tackle your doggo’s weight issues. Frenchies get tired really quickly but a little activity gives no harm.

French Bulldog

French bulldog food should have the following components in it;

  • Water – helps in transporting the required nutrients in the entire body
  • Carbohydrates – they give energy
  • Proteins – make the body fit and repair all the damaged tissues
  • Fats – provide energy and ensure that the body is in good condition
  • Minerals – ensures bones, teeth, and metabolism
  • Vitamins – are mainly the factor responsible for biochemical processes

Wrap up

Frenchies are the greatest bundle of joys and the cutest little creature one can have. Frenchie’s parents would want their little doggo to be with them for as long as possible. Hence, it is important to see that your fluffy Frenchie maintains a healthy weight.

One can maintain their doggo’s weight by regularly checking up on them and making sure that they are consuming a healthy diet. Also, taking them on short walks can help too.

Some Interesting Facts about your Favorite Doggo

1. Frenchies are very popular among celebrities. Some of the Frenchie parents are; Lady Gaga, Ashlee Simpson, John Legend, Patton Oswalt, Daniel Bryan.

2. Frenchies tend to snore and make lots of odd noises.

3. A Frenchie was one of the dogs that went down with the Titanic.

4. The Frenchie’s ears are commonly known as “bat” ears because of their shape.

FAQ – French Bulldog

1. What is the Life expectancy of a French Bulldog?
A Frenchie typically lives for about 10-12 years.

2. Do Frenchies shed a lot of hair?
No, Frenchies are usually average shedders.

3. Are Frenchies good with children?
Yes, Frenchies love children of all ages but you should always accompany your child whenever they play with a doggo. Also, one should teach children how to behave when they are around dogs to avoid any accidents.

4. Are Frenchies easy to train?
Yes, Frenchies are really friendly and fun-loving dogs but they can also get stubborn at times. However, it is advisable that you socialize your puppy starting at a young age. Make sure you give your little friends obedience lessons when they are young which will help in strengthening your bond with them.

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