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11 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

11 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Dogs also have emotions like us, but they might not express them as we do. However, if you are a pet parent, you understand when they get sad, angry, or annoyed. Even then, at times, it’s hard to tell what makes dogs uncomfortable or upset.

Can you figure out when your pet buddy is stressed? What do humans do that dogs hate?

Studies confirm that dogs communicate with their eyes and respond to you by recognizing your facial expression. So, if your dog starts to show the whites of the eyes, understand it’s worried. Also, look for its body language like frightened and timid.

Many things can annoy your dog, and you may not have noticed it. You only recognize it when they get pushed too far and become frustrated.

Any neglect further can even get your dog to become aggressive and defensive. A regular annoyance can also cause behavioral issues in your dog. Therefore, pay attention to the things that annoy your dog.

11 Things Dogs Hate That People Do

#1 Staring

Dog Staring

How would you feel if a stranger stared at you for longer than a while?

It’s uncomfortable even if that person is known to us. Now think of your dog – for them, it’s another species! If you stare at them for long, they consider it challenging to intimidate them. So, please don’t have a staring contest with your dog.

#2 Hugging Too Tightly

Dog Hugging

Dogs don’t like to get squeezed tightly. It makes them uncomfortable. They don’t understand the concept of tight hugs like humans.

#3 Teasing

Teasing a dog

More than 4.5 million people in the US (primarily children) get bitten by dogs each year, and one of the main reasons for this is teasing. Pulling the dog’s tail, yanking their hair, or teasing them with food or a ball can annoy them.

Keep an eye on your kids when they play with your dog. Also, avoid pretending to throw a ball while playing; it’s not funny. It confuses them.

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#4 Ignoring them or Leaving them Alone

Leaving dog alone

Like us, dogs prefer to be social. They are pack animals and consider your family as part of their pack. It annoys them if you leave them alone for long hours or alienate them. Ideally, you should not leave your adult dog alone for more than four hours a day.

#5 Surrounding Them With Too Many Dogs

Dog surrounding with too many dogs

It can annoy your dog if you leave them surrounded by too many other dogs, particularly in a dog park or doggy daycare. It makes them anxious. Dog breeds like Poodles, Pomeranians, etc., can also overwhelm them.

#6 Waking Them Suddenly

Do you like when someone wakes you up from sleep suddenly?

Your dog doesn’t like it either. Anything that wakes dogs up suddenly from sleep, like a loud noise or a pat on their head, annoys them.

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#7 Yelling


Yelling confuses dogs, whether at a TV show or a burned pot of food or towards them. It scares them, and they consider it as barking at things. Like us, a tense, hostile environment annoys dogs.

#8 Unstable Schedules

What if you wake up in the morning unaware of your schedule for the day? Won’t it make you feel anxious a little?

Whether it’s their feeding time or walking, dogs like stability and avoid neglecting their schedule as it annoys them. Stick to it every day, and it makes them happy campers.

#9 Scary Sounds

Scary sounds

Creating scary sounds with washing machines or vacuum cleaners can startle and annoy your dog. Therefore, introduce your dog to new sounds slowly to avoid scaring them.

Also, please protect your dog from the sounds of fireworks. Such loud noises can create a permanent phobia or excessive fear of scary sounds.

#10 Confusing Your Dog With Too Many Words

Imagine someone asking for help using too many words in a language unknown to you. How would you feel?

Well, it’s the same thing for your dog. It’s a misconception that dogs understand English. Technically, they don’t understand any human language. They only relate your facial expression and body language to the one-word command or short phrases.

They love learning new tricks, listening to you, and understanding positive behavior with the following treats.

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#11 Not Letting Them Sniff

Dog sniffing

Dogs sniff to understand their surroundings. They get messages from other dogs about their territory from sniffing while walking in a dog park.

How would you feel if your phone dies in the middle of an important message?

Pulling them away is interrupting your dog to get the entire message. It annoys your dog!


If you want your dog to have a happy and healthy life, use this information to understand how to treat them. If you want to learn more about dog care, please post your questions in the comment section below.

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