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20 Dog Behaviors & What They Mean

20 Dog Behaviors & What They Mean

All dog owners would like to know what their pet is thinking about. Sometimes this desire is supported by our dog’s strange behavior.

However, it is not that hard to understand your pup’s language. You don’t need to be a magician for this purpose.

20 Dog Behaviors and Meaning

1. Squinting or Blinking of the Eyes

That means that your dog needs your attention right now. She is ready to play with you and spend quality time. This dog behavior is a sign that you don’t pay too much attention to your four-legged friend. When was the last time you did something together? You shouldn’t be too busy to show your dog some love.

2. Tongue out Studying You

Yeah, sometimes it is too awkward. However, the explanation for this behavior is very simple. It is a sign that your dog is very happy and relaxed right now.

That’s how your pet expresses her satisfaction after getting the attention they crave. This behavior means you are a wonderful friend!

Tongue out

3. Open Mouth (relaxed tail but high ears)

This behavior is a good sign. If your dog keeps its mouth open and tail relaxed, you don’t have to worry. It means she is neutral, relaxed, and secure. If you want to say hi to your friend’s dog, that’s the best time for this. Do not miss the chance!

4. Straight Pointed Tail and Forward Ears

This means that your four-legged friend is very curious about something. Your dog is in a good mood and wants to play. She may also hear, see, or smell something unusual. Your dog may want to know the source of the noise or smell. In other words, she is ready to become Sherlock Holmes.

5. Baring Teeth, Ears Back, and Snarling

That’s the simple one. If your dog looks aggressive and angry, she wants to give a warning to her enemy. It is a bad idea to approach a dog when she is in this state. Let it calm down. Even if you are not the source of the threat, you may be hurt.

Baring Teeth

6. Howling

The reasons for howling are simple. Your dog heard a high-pitched sound. This may be some kind of siren or train whistle.

However, scientists don’t know till now if it happens because dogs are annoyed, or it is not comfortable for their ears. In fact, it is more of negative emotion.


7. Superman

If your dog is laying on its belly, that means she is exhausted (but in a positive way). Many dogs behave so after games with their owners when they have to run or jump to catch a ball. So it is a good sign. It means the game was perfect, and now your four-legged friend needs to have a nap.

8. The Fox

If your dog sleeps like a fox (its paws are underneath her and her tail is wrapped around to her face), it means it is cold. This position is perfect if you want to keep some heat. So make sure you find a warm and cozy place for your friend or cover it with a blanket.

9. Giving Gifts

If your dog brings you a “gift”, it means she just wants to make you happy. Of course, a dead animal or a shoe is not a good present for a human being, but who cares! The idea is that your dog loves you to bits. So smile at her and pretend you love the present.

Giving Gifts

10. Lying in your Bed

If you happened to find your dog lying in your bed, it is also normal. It means that your pal is missing you. Your bed has your scent, so she just wants to stay close to you even if you are not there. What beautiful behavior. Isn’t it touching?

Lying in your Bed

11. Head Tilt

Oh yes, that’s one of the cutest things all dogs do. However, they do not know how charming they are when they do it. The thing is that dogs just want to adjust their outer ear to hear better. That’s how they can focus on the source of the noise.

12. Butt Sniffing

Let’s go straight to disgusting habits! Butt sniffing is an absolutely normal dog and cat behavior. It is their way to say hi to each other (thank God human beings don’t have that habit). They also get a lot of information from the scent of a certain dog. That’s how they can recognize her next time.

13. Chasing their Tail

That’s also one of the most charming habits. The thing is that your dog doesn’t realize the tail is already hers. She just doesn’t perceive it as a part of her body. Such behavior is normal when your dog is feeling bored and has nothing to play with. Give it a toy!

14. Couch Trashing

If you notice that your coach is a total disaster, that means that your dog has separation anxiety. Most of the pups get over it soon, but it is better to spend some time with your four-legged buddy before leaving him alone. Go for a walk and play your dog’s favorite game.

15. Showing Empathy

Dogs can’t read minds. However, they know our body language. That’s why they can understand when we are upset. If your dog rests his head on you, that means he wants to know that he feels your pain. That’s their way to comfort you and show their love and devotion.

16. Eating Grass

It is also absolutely normal for a dog. However, this may signal that your dog lacks some nutrients in her diet. In such a case it is better to go to your vet and get some tests done. Your pup may have some intestinal worms he is trying to get rid of.

Eating Grass

17. Eating Feces

And here’s one of the top 3 disgusting habits. However, dogs do it to keep their territory clean. They just don’t want to poop where they eat. Some mother dogs even eat their puppies’ poop to make sure they are clean and safe. That’s just a sign of pure love.

18. Humping

Some dog owners think dogs do it because they need a girlfriend/boyfriend. However, there is nothing sexual about it. Dogs just show their dominance by humping things in the house. So it is their way to say who’s the boss here. That’s a cringe habit, but it’s all about nature.

19. Digging

That’s another sign that your dog is bored. If you want to save your yard, make sure your dog has a lot of activities throughout the day.

Consult your vet and develop a schedule of entertainment for your four-legged friend. That’s how you can be sure your dog won’t feel lonely and bored and will build up his muscles.


20. Raising a Single Paw

That means that your dog is highly interested in something. For instance, your pup may find some interesting insects to play with or a new toy.

A raised paw may also mean that your pet is hungry or just wants to play. Keep an eye on your dog to make sure you understand when exactly it raises its paw.


Of course, there is no Google Translator for your dog’s language. You will never know what exactly your pup is trying to say.

However, now you have some main clues to her behavior. Keep an eye on your four-legged friend, study her behavior. Soon you’ll learn to understand your dog much better.

Author Bio: My name is Jimmie O’Chutt, I’m the owner of CatPet.club online magazine and a happy companion of Ronnie the cat who taught me how one can love a cat.

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