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Friday , December 8 2023
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Why Pugs Need Extra Protection

Why Pugs Need Extra Protection

It doesn’t matter which dog breed you own; you will care deeply about its well-being. You will take every health problem, small or big, extremely seriously. However, if you have a pug, you may need to give it extra attention. The foremost thing you must do is get the right ...

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5 Best Dog Breeds For Lazy Dog Lovers

Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners

If you’re one of those people who just loves to stay in bed all the weekend, and looking to get a dog, we have got some amazing dog breeds for you to choose from. Some dogs can adapt to our lifestyle and activity levels quickly. These dogs are perfect for ...

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How Does A Pug Differ From A French Bulldog?

how does a pug differ from a french bulldog

As far as history is concerned, a pug is a much older breed compared to the French bulldogs. They originated in China when the country was under the Han dynasty. It means that they could have originated between 206 BC and 200 AD. The emperors of the dynasty owned them ...

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Top 11 Toy Dog Breeds for Apartment Living in India

Dog Breeds For Apartment

Dog breeds of any size, whether small or big, make excellent companions for a family. However, sometimes we have to choose a smaller breed based on our location and environment. The smaller dog breeds are also known as toy group dog breeds per the American kennel club. These toy dog ...

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How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Pugs

How to choose the best dog food for Pugs

Guest post! When it comes to making sure that your pet Pug is happy and healthy, the most important aspect to take into consideration is the food that it eats. But learning about proper nutrition for your pet doesn’t have to be complicated at all. There are many kinds of ...

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5 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Affectionate dog breeds

Dogs are known as man’s best friends for a reason. There is nothing as cute or sweet as the unconditional love of a four-legged friend. They have some special kind of power to make you feel relax after a long, hard day. Sometimes they are a better company than another ...

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Animal Activists Rescue A Pug From A Beggar In Pune

Pug rescue

Recently, animal activists rescued a malnourished Pug from a homeless woman who claimed that she purchased the dog for Rs. 7,000 in Pune. However, the beggar changed her statements upon further investigation. Now, the pug is in custody of animal lovers. The incident came to light last week when an ...

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