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Thursday , October 22 2020
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Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners

5 Best Dog Breeds For Lazy People

If you’re one of those people who just loves to stay in bed all the weekend, and looking to get a dog, we have got some amazing dog breeds for you to choose from.

Some dogs can adapt to our lifestyle and activity level quickly. These dogs are perfect for owners who are a tad lazy. They are easy to maintain, don’t make a lot of fuss, don’t require regular exercise and are not very high maintenance. These dogs love to stay at home and cuddle with their owners, which could be perfect for the people who love to stay at home.

Here are some perfect dog breeds for the lazy ones out there:

1. Pug

Pugs are short dogs with a goofy personality. They can entertain you while you sit on your couch all day. They love cuddling, sitting on the lap and can lay with you all day in the bed. They are low-maintenance companions, ideal for older owners. They are relatively inactive when indoors but are quite energetic when you take them for a walk.

2. Bulldog

Bulldogs are very lazy in nature and enjoy a laid back lifestyle. They are quite tenacious which makes them an excellent watchdog. They are known to be friendly and easy going. Their lovable nature has won the hearts of many across the world.

3. Grey Hound

Greyhounds are known as lap dogs contrary to their size for a reason. They just like to sit back and enjoy their life. They are intelligent, devoted and are very gentle with children. They are generally a healthy dog breed as compared to other large size dog breeds.

4. Bull Mastiff

Bullmastiffs are a large size dog breed. They don’t require a lot of exercise. This breed can do well in families where both parents work. They are a loving and extremely intelligent dog breed. They love cuddling, sitting on the lap and laying on couch all day long.

5. Beagle

Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. They are relatively easy to take care of, however, due to their long ears, they are prone to infections. It can be avoided with weekly cleaning of wax from their ears. They love to sit on the lap and being cuddled. They are a perfect choice for a first time dog owner. Remember that they would need some exercise as they are quite energetic. They can adapt to a lazy lifestyle though!

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