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Dog Breed That Match Your Personality

Your Favorite Dog Breed Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Do you know that a person’s favorite dog breed can reveal a lot about their personality?



Boxers reflect a high amount of energy. The owners of the Boxers are playful and are known to enjoy their life to the fullest. Boxers release their stress with silly and playful acts. The owners of this breed are happy-go-lucky kind of people who love their life and welcome strangers very easily to their life.

German Shepherds

German shepard

German Shepherds are tough, confident and look for loyalty. They sometimes feel shy around strangers but are very tender once they get to know them. The dog owners of this breed are loyal by nature and can do anything for their partners and friends. Some researchers reveal that German Shepherds have an aggressive side too.



The people who have pugs are very jolly and have a zest for life. They are extremely caring too. As pugs like belly rubs, their owners also love to get body massages and enjoy pampering days at spas. They love taking naps and lazing around.



Terriers are playful companions. The dog owners of this breed are funny, focused, determined, versatile, talkative and energetic. Just like Terriers, the dog owners who have loved this breed also have a good sense of humor.



This breed is brave and stubborn. Just like Dachshunds, their owners too don’t give up easily. If they want something, they will not rest until they get it. They might also love gardening and can be a bit bossy sometimes.

Pit Bulls

Pit bull

Pit Bulls are one of the most powerful dog breeds. They are very much dependent on their dog owners and crave love and affection from them. Pit Bulls are the best babysitter and can do anything for their family and friends. Their owners are fearless people, loyal, full of energy, love their family and courageous.

Golden Retrievers and Labradors

Golden retriever & labs

Both of these breeds are perfect family pets and have a friendly nature. The owners of these breeds keep their family on the top of their priority list. They are cheerful, easy going, socially active, honest and lovable.

Toy Breeds, Poodles and Chihuahuas


The owners of these types of dog breeds are fun loving, sincere and a little self-conscious. They love to travel and like to keep with the latest fashion trends and appearances. They love to party as well.

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