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Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Bichon Frise dog in India - all you want to know

Bichon Frise Dog in India – Everything You Need to Know

Did you want to adopt a fluffier and rounder version of Tuffy? If yes, there is no need to look past the Bichon Frise. It is a small dog breed. It is also classified as a toy dog by many.

As far as popular culture goes, they do not enjoy the level of depiction that so many other breeds get. So, here are a few things you need to know about these cute little furry babies.

Are Bichon Frise popular in India?

These dogs are moderately popular in India. Hence, Bichon Frise would not top the list of the most popular dogs in the country. They may not even make it to India’s top 20 most popular breeds.

However, there can be no doubt that they would be an ideal option for people wishing to get a dog for the first time. Because of how easy it is to manage these dogs.

Are Bichon Frise available in India?

Like any dog of a foreign breed, when buying a Bichon Frise, you must look for certified breeders who enjoy a good reputation. These dogs can tolerate heat and are a good choice for India.

How much does Bichon Frise price in India?How much Bichon Frise cost in India

The money you pay to buy bichon frise dogs in India depends on their gender, authenticity, and the breeder from which you are getting them. The term authenticity means if the dog is purebred or not. Usually, breeders offer them in three categories – basic, show quality, and KCI (Kennel Club of India) certified.

The basic variant of bichon frise costs anywhere between 25,000 INR and 30,000 INR. If the dog is KCI-certified, it costs between 35,000 INR and 50,000 INR. The show-quality dogs could cost you anywhere between 60,000 INR and 90,000 INR. As said, you must go for a reputable breeder irrespective of the variant.

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How much does bichon frise cost to maintain them?

Bichon frise dogs require extensive grooming. Thus, getting them acclimatized to the experience as soon as you can in their lives would be wise. This would make it enjoyable for them as well. For example, if you have a show dog, its cut would have to be in volume as required by the standards of most shows.

You have to bathe them at least once every couple of weeks. It could be more than that as well. It all depends on the show requirements that they may be participating in. They tend to experience tears staining their eyes. You need to take care of the same with the help of a saline solution that you would get in most pet stores.

Get them checked up and vaccinated as per schedule. So, as you would have seen already, these dogs need a lot of grooming, and as such, it may cost you anywhere between 4500 and 5500 rupees a month to maintain them. 

Bichon frise dog breed popularity and history 

Many people think these dogs originated in France, but that is wrong. They owe their origins to Spain. However, the French are credited for breeding them to be the small and peaceful individuals they are popularly known to be.

They are popular lap dogs. The word Frise refers to their curly hair. That is how these dogs get their identity. In terms of popularity, these dogs have had both highs and lows.

The characteristics of Bichon Frise dogs   The characteristics of Bichon Frise dogs      

These are small dogs and weigh around 5 to 10 kilos. They are between 23 and 30 cm in terms of length or height. However, their tails are rather long and carry over to their backs. As such, this is something that would surprise you about these dogs.

They are usually white though they may be peachy and off-white around their ears. However, that does not take up more than 10% of the entire body. However, the AKC (American Kennel Club) only recognizes the pure white Bichon Frises.

Interesting facts about Bichon Frise

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