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Saturday , April 13 2024
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The Difference Between Bichon Frise And Maltese Dog

The Difference Between Bichon Frise And Maltese Dogs

When you look at history, the Maltese dogs are probably one of the most ancient breeds. They date back to approximately 2000 years. These cute canines were loved by people in ancient Greece.

Their profound love wonderfully manifested in the beautiful temples they built for these babies when they crossed the rainbow bridge.

The love for these dogs found its place in the writings of Aristotle. There is no certainty regarding their origin. Their name may suggest that they originated in Malta.

However, some dog historians say that these breeds may have originated in Italy or Asia, for that matter.

These dogs have plenty of nicknames, including The Comforter, the name bestowed by the Egyptians. The Bichon Frise dogs are said to have originated from the Maltese.

They date back to the 14th century when French sailors brought them back from Tenerife in Spain.

Bichon Frise dog breed made their place in the heart of the French rulers. King Henry III adored his Bichon too much. He carried his fur baby in a basket hung from his neck.

For that matter, the royal family in Spain loved Bichons too. They have also been featured in a painting by Goya.

Maltese Dog
Maltese Dog

The difference in terms of appearance   

The head of a Maltese dog is a bit rounded in shape with a black nose, alert and dark eyes, and drooping ears. They are known for their silky white hair covering their entire body. Their hair touches the floor. Many years back, they could be found in different colors.

However, these days, they are well-known for their white locks that look so elegant. Their coat is thick and straight. However, at times they could be wavy. They lack an undercoat, and this is the reason why they do not shed as such. Still, you have to bathe and groom them regularly.

The Bichons are often mistaken for poodles because of their fluffy white coats and faces that resemble dolls that babies play with. They have thick double coats, and this is the reason why they have such luxurious locks. Their undercoat is dense and soft.

Their outer coat spreads at a distance from their body. It is the reason why they look like powder puffs. Bichons are usually white. However, they can be pale yellow or cream-colored as pups.

Their bodies are compact and small. Hence, they have black noses and eyes. Their tails are well-plumed and curved.

Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise

The difference in terms of size

Both Bichons and Maltese are small dogs. However, the latter is smaller. An adult Bichon could weigh anywhere between 6.6 pounds and 11.01 pounds while an adult Maltese would never weigh more than 6.6 pounds.

The Maltese males are between 20 and 25 cm in height, and for the females, this range is 20-22 cm. The Bichons – both females and males – are a bit taller at between 22 and 27 cm.

The United Kingdom Kennel Club qualifies both of them as toy dogs. Both these breeds are excellent for people who suffer from allergies as they do not shed a lot. In most cases, what they shed is caught in their undercoat – it does not get to the floor.

However, as we have said already, both these breeds require quite a lot of grooming. For example, you have to comb or brush a Bichon’s coat regularly.

Otherwise, it will create problems later on. They have to be bathed at regular intervals as well. It is because – just like the Maltese – their white coat tends to get dirty.

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The difference in terms of personality 

The Maltese may be small in size, but the same cannot be said of their personality. As a dog breed, they are as playful and lively as it gets. They are sweet and friendly individuals. They are intelligent too, and this is why it can be so easy to train them.

They are also known to respond well to positive reinforcements such as praise and food. For many years in history, they played a commendable role as companion dogs. They are devoted to their owners and the people close to them.

The Bichons are pretty much like the Maltese. They are intelligent and thus get trained with ease. They love playing too, and have plenty of energy as well. They can adjust to living in smaller homes too. They would get along well with all the other pets you have at home.

However, they are immensely loyal, and this is why they would alert you if there is ever any stranger at the door. However, you must never molly-coddle them as they become fearful and shy that way. They have an inherent independent streak that has to be protected.

The difference in terms of how they adapt to your family 

Bichons are wonderful as family pets. They also act as great companions for the kids in your home. They can tolerate rambunctious behavior. They would gel well with the other animals you have as pets. Hence, they are ideal for homes with multiple pets.

On the other hand, since the Maltese are small dogs, they are not suitable for homes with children as they can get injured easily. They do not go well with other pets and children too.

The difference in terms of health 

Both these breeds are capable of living up to anywhere between 12 and 15 years. Both have to be cleaned and groomed at regular intervals, and both are susceptible to eye conditions. Maltese dogs tend to suffer from issues with their digestive system as well.

So, if they are showing any signs of discomfort, you should get them checked out by a vet. They might suffer from issues related to their knee joints and even from White Dog Shaker Syndrome and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Bichons tend to suffer from infections, bladder stones, joint pain, and allergies.

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