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Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Brain tumors in dogs – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Brain tumors in dogs – All you wanted to know about them

Being a pet parent is not easy. While the joys of being around your pup are unparalleled, knowing that your pet has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease can be heartbreaking. Today, we will be talking about a severe disease among dogs – i.e. brain tumors. Yes. If informed by ...

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Brain Injuries in Dogs: What Should You Do?

Brain injuries in dogs

There are plenty of things that could go wrong with your dog. However, the ones where you need to provide maximum attention are ones where your dog needs urgent care. An example of such injuries is brain injuries. Now, why do dogs suffer brain trauma? What are the signs of ...

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French Bulldog Vs. Boston Terrier

Difference between French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

With animated personalities, lovable squished-up faces, and velvety radar ears, these dog breeds boast of their style in their individualistic way. The Boston terrier is the ‘American gentleman’, and the French bulldog is known as ‘Frenchie’. These dogs are popular, mascots, and favorites of celebrities. It becomes a challenge to ...

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Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

Hemp Oil for Dogs – Top Uses

What is Hemp Oil? Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is a type of oil made by crushing hemp seeds. Today’s health-conscious people demand cold-pressed oils for their consumption. Therefore, hemp oil also has a cold-pressed variant. Cold-pressed and unrefined hemp oil may range from dark to clear light green ...

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Top Concerns of Aging in Dogs

Top Concerns For Aging Dogs

Despite the growing age, they are always puppies to us. We always try to deny that our pup is getting older. Even though it’s unfortunate, in reality, we can’t prevent aging. With growing age, the dog would show less enthusiasm in doing things it loved to do once. Like, for ...

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How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Humans?

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Every dog lover enjoys thinking of themselves as the dog’s favorite or best buddy. The general perception is that dogs like those who treat them with equal love, care, and affection. This thought is sometimes true, but not as easy as it seems. Often observed that your friend or other ...

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Boost your dog’s diet: 8 healthy herbs for dogs

Boost your dog's diet 8 healthy herbs for dogs

For keeping yourself healthy, you may be using some herbs to prevent usual sickness. The part you may be unaware of is its beneficial effects on canines. Majorly, dog owners prefer customized food for dogs and believe them enough for their health. However, it is a misconception. Dogs require composed ...

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Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pub

Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pub For The First Time

Enjoying a pint in a local bar is always encouraging. It is more than exciting when your furry four-legged friend is with you. It feels a bit intimidating taking them to new places. In a busy pub atmosphere, your dog experiences whole new surroundings with many people, new furry pals, ...

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