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Best US Cities for Dogs - Know the Pet-Friendliest Places to Visit In 2022

Top Pet-Friendly Destinations: Best US Cities for Dogs to Visit in 2024

Do you have a dog and planning to move? Then, do a little research to know how pet-friendly the place is. If you do your research adequately, you will not only ensure a good stay for your dog but save your expenses. You may wonder how are expense and pet-friendly places related.

Actually, in pet-friendly cities, veterinary services are low. So, if you choose such a place to move to that is not known for pet-friendliness, you will shed quite a few extra bucks on veterinary services. This article will provide you with a detailed view of the pet-friendly cities in the US based on different parameters.

The overall best cities for dogs

Multiple aspects of the city determine whether it is hospitable for a pet or not. The five most crucial factors to consider while searching for pet-friendly cities include the ratio between pets and people, whether suitable to the pet, pet-friendly establishments, affordable pet care, and low insurance rates.

Below, we have selected five of the overall best cities for dogs with the portrayal in these categories:

  • Best weather ideal for outdoor activities – Long Beach California
  • Cheapest rates of dog insurance– Evansville in Indiana
  • Lowest average costs for veterinary – Lincoln in Nebraska
  • Most establishments provide a dog-friendly atmosphere – Charleston South Carolina
  • Highest ratio of pet-to-people – Temecula in California0000

Top 5 cities with the lowest veterinary costs

Nowadays, the pet healthcare process has become too costly. A recent study conducted by an insurance company found that one in 3 people exceeded their budget by $500 when they took their pets to the vet for check-ups or treatment. It can be a case when pets have a chronic condition.

Nonetheless, vet visit fetch can vary depending on the heterogeneity of factors, including location. Services come priced aggressively based on the employment rates (number of vets available in any area), operating costs (such as equipment, labor, and rent), and the nature of treatment delivered.

The 5 cities with the lowest vet cost are as follows:

  • Corpus Christi (Texas)
  • Stockton (California)
  • Lincoln (Nebraska)
  • Columbus (Ohio)
  • Birmingham (Alabama)

Generally, vets in rural areas are inclined to charge less than metropolitan cities as the general cost of living is lower. Hence, it affects the price of almost all consumer goods and services. According to a study conducted by Pet Plan Insurance, vets in California, Washington DC, and Hawaii are the costlier ones.

Therefore, pet parents in this area spend around $1500 extra for their pet at the time of a vet visit. Hence, there is a disparity with other states with low veterinary costs. For instance, $769 per year for a vet visit in Arkansas and North Dakota.

Remember that these prices are the average standard vet treatment cost, thus not related to the unexpected situation for emergency purpose visits consisting of a substantial increase in the cost. In emergencies, vet treatment costs can go up to $5000 without pet insurance.

Luckily, emergency vets in Kansas, Mississippi, and North Dakota are extraordinarily low-priced compared to the other parts of the country.

Top 5 metros with the most veterinariansTop 5 metros with the most veterinarians

Vet availability can affect the cost of the treatment due to the basic principle of supply and demand. The lower the number of vets available, the larger the demand for vets can get. It increases the cost of treatment.

As per a study by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of May 2020, the five metropolitan areas with the maximum presence of veterinarians are given below:

  • Long Beach-Anaheim-Los Angeles
  • Naperville-Elgin-Chicago
  • Newark-Jersey City-New York
  • Wilmington-Philadelphia-Camden
  • Arlington-Alexandria-Washington

Adding to the cost considerations, the affluence of vet offices in an area means you’ll have enough choice when searching for local veterinarians and determining the one to select. It will be possible to have a second opinion or get a referral from a specialist.

With the increase in the availability of vets in your area, you can narrow your search. Your search for the closest veterinarian to your home or office will be the one convenient for you to take your pet for regular check-ups.

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Top five locations with the lowest dog insurance costs

In comparison to the place, the cost of pet insurance plays a major role in this situation. Location plays a significant role in the quotes you receive regarding insurance, and the premium amount varies with pin codes.

The cheapest rate available among the cities is in Evansville, IN. Here, the average rate is $29.71 per month. It increases in the case of towns near Indianapolis and Fort Wayne at a rate of $36.19. According to state-wise insurance costs, the lowest-rated premium charges in cities are:

  • Mississippi – 34.17 USD
  • Georgia – 35.61 USD
  • Wyoming – 33.97 USD
  • Louisiana – 35.18 USD
  • Oklahoma – 35.71 USD

Compared to the cities, metropolitan insurance rates are higher than cities due to the high standard of living.

Top five cities with the most off-leash dog parks

Many dog parents prefer taking their pets to the park. Walking is considered beneficial for dog health, especially in the case of large breeds. Major large cities in the country have several dog-friendly parks.

Here is a list of such five cities with the highest number of dog-friendly parks according to per capita of 100000 residents- Boise – 6.3, followed by Portland- 5.8, Henderson – 5.1, Madison-4.2, San Francisco – 4.2, and finally Tampa – 4.1

Top five areas with the best weather for outdoor activitiesTop five areas with the best weather for outdoor activities

You can’t enjoy a park visit with your pet in bad weather. As per Washington Post, Long Beach, CA secures first place with two hundred and ten nice days per year, followed closely by Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Hence, these are a paradise for dog owners, primarily due to maritime persistent dry weather and moderate temperatures.

The list of popular areas with good weather conditions should include Seattle with 78 days, Portland with 74 days, Charlotte (North Carolina) with 74 days, Atlanta (Georgia) with 73 days, Jacksonville (Florida) – with 71 days, and Las Vegas, NV – with 68 days of comfortable weather conditions.

Top five places with dog-friendly establishments

Some pet parents prefer to take their pets with them to every place they choose to visit. Therefore, you should search for pet-friendly locations that include beaches dogs can swim at to pup-approved patio pints.

The five cities are Miami, Oxnard, Charleston in South Carolina, Portland, and Honolulu. Among all these cities, Charleston has the greatest number of dog-friendly establishments. 

Top five cities with the highest pet population

According to a study, the five top-most cities in the United States with the highest population of pets and pet owners are

  1. Seattle (Washington) – 246.67 dogs
  2. Miami (Florida) – 187.66 dogs
  3. San Francisco (California) – 139.87 dogs
  4. Los Angeles (California) – 91.92 dogs
  5. New York (New York) – 71.97 dogs for every 1,000 residents.
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