How To Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Cry While Alone at Home
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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How to make sure your dog does not cry while alone at home

How To Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Cry While Alone at Home

Dogs love a routine life. Hence, it is significant to have a routine that your dog can comply with. If your dog is newly adopted, there will be a tendency to cry or express anguish vocally in other ways when they are left alone. It’s more or less a usual scenario, especially when getting used to their new homes. It can happen to dogs you have had for some time.

However, it might be when there are some apparent changes in their usual routine that they have been used to for a considerable period. Moreover, it can indicate a situation when your work hours suddenly change or you have a new roommate. Therefore, it is crucial to have a consistent routine that they can rely on. Above all, remember your furry baby needs the time to adjust well.  

Provide them with consistent exercise every day

If your dog has the energy they are not spending adequately, it builds up in their system, and there is an urge to expel that energy in some way or the other. It does not matter how this happens. They may run around the block with you and start crying when you are not with them.

Therefore, right before you leave, take them out for a walk. You can take part in other intense physical activities. 

Leaving the radio or TV on when you leave for the day

Usually, the best options are radio stations that host talk shows or a news channel where people are always talking. You can make sure that the volume is as high as when people talk in your home. Are you looking for something more specific, more suitable for the little one?

In that case, you can go for a sound machine. Some sound mechanisms are available with essential oil diffusers that provide a further calming effect on your baby.  

Give them food puzzle toys

You need to give them this right before you leave to work for the day. This toy would keep them busy finding out food from the toy while you are gone. You need to ensure the correct size concerning how big your baby is. The best thing you can do is buy four different toys and keep rotating them throughout the week.

Desensitize them to your leaving 

Try to make them believe you will come back pretty soon when you leave. It is one of the best ways to address such behavior from your dog. First, go down the hallway to your front door or down the driveway and then come back.

After that, go down the block and hallway, wait for 5 minutes, and return. After that, you can leave. Your dog would think that you are coming back. It would reduce their chances of crying.

Do not make a big deal when you leave for the day 

When you are preparing to go outside, gather up what you need and leave in such a way like you are coming back immediately. There should be no fanfare such as hugs or kisses. There is no dramatic farewell necessary.

Never say anything that would make them think you would go away for a considerable period throughout the day. It would alert them that you are going away for a long time. Remember that even an hour could feel like you were gone forever to your little angel.

Do not make a big deal when you come back home 

Now, this is essential. You must follow this when you come back home. Perhaps the hardest thing to do for pet owners. However, you must ignore all their attention-seeking behavior, such as going crazy and jumping around.

You should only reward them with affection and love when they have calmed down. It is always better in these cases to give them five minutes after you come home so that they can calm down.  

Train them to stay in their crates 

There is plenty of information on the internet that you can use to find out if you can crate train your dogs for such situations. In some cases, dogs become more anxious when you put them in the crate. Therefore, you can go about this gradually to see how well they react to being placed in a crate.

See if it reduces their crying tendency or if it makes it worse. Adult dogs need to be well-trained to stay in crates for four hours at a stretch in a day.

Go for dog daycare, sitter, or even a walker

Dog daycare can be a way for dogs to spend quality time playing with their mates and letting go of the tension that can happen when you leave them alone at home. This way, they are a lot less anxious and happier. However, for this, you also need to make sure that your baby loves playing with other dogs.

You can also hire dog sitters and walkers who can come by every day, take them out for a walk, and help them get some exercise that staves off the tension normal when they are left alone at home.

Think about probiotics

You can consult the vet and talk to them about how your dog behaves. Ask them about probiotic medicines that can help the dog to remain calm in such situations. Doctors can prescribe probiotic medications to assist the dogs with proper cardiac activity during such stressful events.

It means that they are in a good emotional state. It might take around six weeks for you to see positive results. So, you have to give yourself such time.

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