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Wednesday , August 17 2022
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7 Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

Health Benefits of Having A Dog

People get dogs with a desire of having a companion to spend quality time with. Most dog owners believe that their beloved furry friend makes their lives better. Most of them are pretty unaware of the mental and physical benefits a dog offers to humans. 1. Increase in daily exercise ...

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DogExpress Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary | Press Release

A growing dog lovers and owners community with 500, 000+ active users! November 11, 2019, | Chandigarh, India: DogExpress, a leading pet information website, and marketing agency are celebrating its 4th anniversary. The team of DogExpress has spent the last four years dedicated to dogs and with a mission to ...

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Dog Saves Family By Fighting Off A Cobra In Odisha

It was a hero dog’s determination that saved a family from a venomous cobra snake. The one-and-half-year-old Dalmatian named Tyson, fought off a cobra to save the lives of its family members in a small town in Odisha. Aman Sharif, who lives with his parents, grandmother, uncle and aunt in ...

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