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Thursday , July 9 2020
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Health Benefits of Having A Dog

7 Health Benefits Of Having A Dog

People get dogs with a desire of having a companion to spend quality time with. Most of the dog owners believe that their beloved furry friend makes their lives better. Most of them are pretty unaware of the mental and physical benefits a dog offers to humans.

1. Increase in daily exercise

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Taking a dog for a walk, run or hike are the best ways to remain fit, it will automatically contribute to your daily exercise. Studies have shown that the owners who have dogs are more agile and fit. They regularly meet their daily exercise requirement as comparative to those who don’t have dogs. Exercising every day is also beneficial to the dog’s health as well.

2. Companionship

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A good companion is someone who never leaves your side. When you are going through loneliness and isolation, a dog is the best remedy. It can even cure your depression. If you have a dog at home, it becomes your responsibility to take care of that dog, this makes you feel needed and takes your focus away from the problems you have in your life. Most of the people who have dogs share their problems with them and dogs never make them feel lonely.

3. Dogs can detect low blood pressure

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People who are suffering from diabetes may not always be able to tell when their blood sugar level is high or low. A research found out that some trained dogs can help with monitoring hypoglycemia. The study published in 2013 in PLOS ONE mentions that trained dogs can detect blood sugar level of humans. For research, a United Kingdom charity that works with researchers and universities, trained dogs as “Medical Detection Dogs” to warn owners when their blood sugar levels go out of range. The data collected by the researchers showed positive results with significant accuracy, in accordance to both low and high level of blood sugar. Although, it is still unclear how dogs respond to low or high blood sugar level, researchers assume that dogs are able to detect the sugar level changes in the human body due to their acute sense of smell.

4. Sensory stress relief

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Dogs not only help you to feel comfortable at home, but they also do the same for you at your workplace. If you bring your dog to your work place (if allowed by your organization), it may actually increase your productivity. A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management in 2012 says that a dog may help in handling stress at the workplace and increase the productivity of the employees. More and more organizations have adopted this and it has been a productive change for them.

5. Boosts vitality

Health benefits of having a dog-no.6

Dogs are always there to encourage you to laugh, play and exercise which boosts your immune system and increases your energy. Thus, boosting your vitality!

6. Reduces anxiety

Health benefits of having a dog-no.7

The companionship of dog help you socialize, ease anxiety, and build self-confidence.

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7. They can sniff out cancer

Health benefits of having a dog-no.8

The sense of smell in dogs is so strong that they can detect cancer in as little as three hours. It was found in a research by Ted Gansler, director (medical content) for the American Cancer Society. It was found that malignant tissues release chemicals that are different from the normal tissues; the difference between both the chemicals can be recognized by a dog. They are able to do this by smelling breath or urine samples.

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