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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University's annual Dog Show in 2023

Canine Warriors Shine with Specialized Skills at the 2023 Dog Show

Six dogs, accompanied by their handlers, displayed their valuable contributions to national security at the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University’s annual Dog Show in 2023. The canine team showcased their prowess in recovering explosives and narcotics, guarding assets, tracking criminals, and detecting drones at high altitudes.

These four-legged heroes, adopted between three to five months, undergo specialized training at the National Training Centre for Dogs (NTCD), BSF Academy, Tekanpur Gwalior. Each dog excels in a distinct area and is trained for specific roles such as sniffing, rescuing, guarding, and drone detection.

Headed by Army veterinary official SS Sharma, the group explained that each dog specializes in a unique role, contributing to the country’s defense.

Some focus on guarding the front line and tracking infiltrators, while others excel in sniffing out explosives narcotics, or identifying ambushed enemies. Deployed with precision, these dogs play a crucial role in safeguarding the nation.

The dog show featured a squad of six dogs, each demonstrating its unique skills. Among them, Kelly, a three-year-old female German Shepherd, expertly guided by master Ajay, excelled in guarding army belongings and sniffing.

Fruity, a 5.6-year-old female German Shepherd under the guidance of master S Ramesh, stood out as the country’s first drone detector, capable of sensing drones flying up to 500 meters high.

Pinky, an eight-year-old female Labrador, partnered with master Rajkumar, showcasing expertise in busting narcotics consignments. Two-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd Ulka, guided by master Dillippa, demonstrated impressive abilities in identifying enemy ambushes in border areas.

Fancy, under the guidance of master Shyam Sundar, specialized in narcotics and explosive consignment recovery at the age of 4.3 years. Sultan, a six-year-old GSD and master Baliram, exhibited expertise in guarding and tracking, adding to the impressive display of skills at the annual Dog Show 2023.

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