Mysuru City Plans To Sterilize & Relocate 27,000 Stray Dogs
Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Mysuru City Corporation Plans To Sterilize & Relocate 27,000 Stray Dogs

In an intention to make the city stray dog free in a phased manner, the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has launched an Animal Birth Control (ABC) and relocation initiative. Under the plan, the corporation will sterilize all stray dogs and relocate them to a safe place.

Besides this, the Corporation will also set up a dedicated care centre exclusively for stray dogs suffering from rabies and other health-related issues. The project will cost Rs 40 lakh.

According to MCC sources said, “There are a lot of complaints regarding the stray dog menace. MCC is doing its best to ensure that this menace is curtailed. This new initiative is a part of these measures. The ABC programme was launched in Mysuru nearly eight years ago. All these years, the project was given as a package to various organisations. This year, along with ABC, the relocation of stray dogs is also included.”

 Ramachandra, chief health officer, MCC, said this initiative has twin objectives.

“This project is aimed at Animal Birth Control and relocation of healthy and unhealthy stray dogs. All healthy stray dogs will be sterilized at first. Later they will be shifted to newly built dog shelters in the city. There are about 27,000 stray dogs in the city,” he said.

“Unhealthy dogs especially those which are infected with rabies will not be culled. Instead, they will be separated from the other animals and moved to an exclusive shelter near the sewage treatment plant in Rayanakare. The dogs will be taken care in the shelter till they die. As animal welfare acts prohibit culling of dogs, we have decided to build this shelter,” he said.

As expected, animal lovers in the city say the dogs must be relocated with extra care.

“Generally stray dogs don’t like relocation. It may affect their behaviour and make them aggressive. The MCC must ensure that while performing ABC and relocation, the behavioural issues of stray dogs are taken care of,” says Vijayalakshmi, an activist.

Reference: The Times of India

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