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Thursday , July 18 2024
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“First Aid For Animal” Workshop Organized In Panchkula

An initiative by Furever Friends was taken on Friendship’s day to make sure our four legged friends be safe always. First Aid training for animals was organized at DC Model School, Panchkula on Sunday. The main purpose of the workshop was to provide a solution to the increasing number of road accidents and mishappenings including street dogs.

Around 40-50 people attended the workshop…

Vikas Luthra, the founder of Furever Friends emphasized on imparting technical knowledge to all the animal activists on rescues.


According to him, “keeping an animal safe means learning many different skills and this workshop will empower all animal lovers with skill and confidence to help in those first vital minutes before an animal is taken to vet.”

The training was given by Dr. Vikrant Singh, a veterinary surgeon who guided and demonstrated how to handle a situation under emergency. He focused on animal related allergy reactions, bites and stings, bleeding, skin infections, burns, choking, injuries, heat stroke, accidents and much more.

He gave a brief explanation on how first aid can prevent further harm and also sometimes prevents condition from worsening, or danger of further injury. He talked on various common diseases which are seen regularly and how we can give on the spot treatment in some cases. Things were explained and demonstrated to the volunteers for their better understanding. A small Q&A round was also arranged for the volunteers so they could ask get some of their queries and doubts answered.

Miss Shirina Khera, an excise and taxation officer and a very big animal lover was chief guest of the workshop.

Miss Neetu Gaur, Assistant Professor CRIID, who is also an animal activist was the Guest of Honor. Aprt from the dignitaries, RJ Golmal Gagan was a special guest of the evening and announced to be an official on-board member of Furever Friends.

Last but not the least, the show stopper – Robin, an adopted dog by the school authorities won all hearts.

Vikas Luthra specially thanked to all his team by saying, “Workshop would have been of no success without volunteers help”.

He gave special thanks to Dr. Jasvinder Kalra, Mr. Vinod Bansal, Aprajita Sharma, Mrs. And Mr. Gupta and many more. Workshop ended with a special speech by Mr. Amir Sharma (lawyer) who told few points on how to legally deal with animal abuse cases. And with a session with Mr. Divey Dahiya, cruelty free animal trainer who introduced simple steps on how to train and understand an animal’s behavior.

Special first aid kits of two ranges will be provided on order which will be handy and easy to carry for all emergencies. You can contact Furever Friends to know more about it.


Contact numbers:

  • 0730745661
  • 0788416969

For those who missed the workshop, here are some pointers for them

  • Deworming and vaccination should be done time to time to at least prevent diseases.
  • In an accident case, do not leave the animal till the time help is arranged.
  • Try to keep the animal calm by patting it continuously.
  • Consult a vet if an animal behavior is changed.
  • Learn sign and symptoms of different poisons.
  • Remove the animal from accident site to the side pavement and tie a cloth to stop bleeding.
  • Put the animal to a recovery position in case of choking or breathing problem.
  • Dress and bandage a wound before taking to a vet.

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