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Monday , February 26 2024
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Adopt Stray Dogs

Stray Dog Adoption: Antidote To Dog Bite

As fear spreads because of so many dog-bite cases being reported from all across Tricity area, animal lovers have a solution i.e., adoption of stray dogs.

According to dog lovers, dogs bite only when they are scared, hurt, harassed or beaten by someone.

Adopt stray dogs

“If people adopt the dogs since the time they are puppies, their conduct will be under surveillance. They will be vaccinated properly and behave well under no fear,” said Vikas Luthra, founder of Furever Friends, a group of animal lovers.

The mayor of SAS Nagar, Mohali, Kulwant Singh said, “The solution to the growing stray dog menace is to adopt them. By adoption, a person should take the responsibility of feeding the stray and supervise its sterilization.  However, he also added that giving a permanent shelter to the stray dog is not mandatory.”

“Stray dogs cannot be weeded out, but there are various ways to tackle their growing population. Councillors should urge residents of their wards to adopt stray dogs,” he says.

Dog lovers advised that residents welfare associations should utilize their funds to vaccinate a locality dog. It will create a good relationship between a dog and humans.

“Earth is for all living creatures, be it a human or any animal, and we are living only with one animal around us, the dog, who is lovable and loyal if treated well,” said Meenakshi Mahapatra, a dog lover from Panchkula.

Source: The Times Of  India 

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