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The Best Sources Of Calcium For Your Dogs

Similar to humans, dogs also need calcium for the healthy development of bones. A canine with an adequate amount of calcium in its diet will have healthy bones, nails, teeth, a solid coat, and a properly functioning nervous system.

A shortage of calcium in the body will make your pet defenseless against bone diseases, heart issues, and osteoporosis. In this blog, we are sharing a list of a good sources of calcium.

Best sources of calcium for your dogs:

1. Yogurt

best source of calcium for dogs

It is a good source of calcium for your pooch. Add yogurt to your canine’s food and your puppies will love it! In case your pooch is a bit overweight, you can pick low-fat yogurt. It is good for your dog’s diet because it contains healthy fats only.

2. Cheese 

calcium rich food for dogs

It may be fed to puppies as an extra calcium source. Most of the dogs prefer the taste of cottage cheese and it is easier to digest as well.

3. Chicken and Fish

calcium food for dogs

Dogs generally enjoy chicken and they are a good source of calcium and protein as well. Fish like salmon, sardines or trout are also high in calcium content.

However, it is advised that you cook the fish well before offering it to your pet. Your pet might not like the taste of raw fish, although some dogs love to eat it raw.

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4. Vegetables

healthy foods for dogs

Another important source of calcium is vegetables. Calcium can be acquired from spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, beans, etc. Some dogs love vegetables while some don’t. You can prepare some of these foods or serve them raw.

5. Bones for dogs

calcium supplements for dogs

Even if the bones are a rich source of calcium, they might hurt your canine’s mouth and cause indigestion. If eaten without proper chewing they might damage the internal organs of the dog.

The right way to serve bones to your pet dog is to grind the bones into powder and mix it with other food items that you prepare for your pooch.

Ensure the bone powder is finely grind to avoid bone splinters that may cause complications while digesting. You can also cook the bones first because the cooked bones are easier to digest as compared to raw bones.

Calcium deficiency and supplements

The symptoms of calcium deficiency in a dog are:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy

If your pooch has a calcium deficiency, you need to consult your veterinarian for adding calcium supplements such as Calcium Milk Bone For Dogs & Puppies and Choostix Calcium Plus to your dog’s diet.

To ensure that calcium is well absorbed by your dog’s body, you may opt for magnesium supplements. Vitamin D is also important for the absorption of calcium in a dog’s body.

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Lastly, try to offer your pooch a balanced diet. Remember that proteins are also important along with other nutrients and healthy fats.

If your canine’s diet needs extra calcium, you should either include some calcium-rich foods in their diet or add veterinary recommended calcium supplements for dogs.

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