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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs Naturally

Prevent Bloat In Dogs

Did you know processed foods can cause your dog’s stomach to bloat? Feeding them home-cooked meals or raw food would be far better for preventing bloat in dogs. The most common bloat disease is GVD (Gastric Dilation Volvulus), which affects larger dog breeds. It causes the dog’s stomach to twist ...

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6 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Overweight

6 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Overweight

Just as excess weight and obesity bring all sorts of health problems in us, your dog can face similar issues affecting their lifestyle. It can be due to many reasons like – overfeeding, neglecting to take them on a walk, or improper diet, etc. You can keep your pet healthy ...

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The Best Sources Of Calcium For Your Dogs

calcium tablets for dogs

Similar to humans, dogs also need calcium for the healthy development of bones. A canine with an adequate amount of calcium in its diet will have healthy bones, nails, teeth, a solid coat, and a properly functioning nervous system. A shortage of calcium in the body will make your pet ...

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